Poetic Justice {August Alsina Story}

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Hey there:) Sequel to Milano {August Alsina Story}

August POV

"August everything is going to be fine they will find her," my mother says. I ignore everybody trying to comfort me, I wont be calm unless she is in my arms. "I'll take the kids upstairs,"

"Mommy isn't answering her phone," Kailyn says.

"I know baby," My mom picks her up and picks up Devin and takes them upstairs. I get up and get a glass of water, I sip on the water and think. Where could she be.


"LAPD!," They yell, I put down the glass of water. I walk to the door and open it. "August Alsina?,"


"May we enter," I move out of the way. "We think we have some information on Melanie," I widen my eyes.


"We think her ex has took her for some odd reason," He shows me Lamar's mug shot. "He is wanted for warrants, rape, and kidnapping," I nod. "As well as gang related relations and sex offender," All those thing popped into my head of him doing all those things to my baby. Well babies.

"Okay," We followed some of his tracks and he maybe going to Las Vegas. I nod. "Then lets go,"

"Its not that simple, "

"Then what the hell are we supposed to do then,"

"First you and your children must go into witness protection,"

"Not happening,"I say. "I can watch over them,"

"Well you as damn didn't watch over Melanie," a officer mumbles. I stand up and clench my fists.

"Hey hey hey," the female officer pulls me back down. "That wont help, we will come back to you eith more information on all of this," I nod and lead them out. I rush upstairs and pack my suitcase. Shit is about to get real.

"Where are you going?,"

"Vegas," I zip up the bag and walk to the kids.

"I'll be back okay, whatever happens Daddy loves you," I kiss their cheeks and hug them.

"Love you too Daddy," I smile and walk downstairs. I undig the gun from the yard and stuff it into my bag.

******the next day******

I unlock the hotel room and step in. I throw my luggage on the bad and fall out onto the bed. I don't have time to waste. I need my baby back. I take one of Melanie's pain killers and shake my head.

"RING RING RING!," Unknown number.

"Hello?," I answer.

"August help me please baby," I hear Melanie's cry.

"Melanie where- where are you?,"

"Uhm I cant see anything, I found this phone and the room is pitch black. In this small house, sort of. Carpets surrounding the place. Underground I think. I saw the Gold Coast hotel then-,"

"Melanie keep going," I write everything down.

"I hear something August hurry,"

"Melanie you have to tell me where you are,"

"August he is getting closer, "she whimpers.


"Aug-!," she yells and I hear a thud.

"Melanie?," I hear somebody breathing. "Melanie!, " the line went dead. Shit.  I call the deputy I was talking to yesterday and told them everything.  I get up and rush to the car and drive near GoldCoast hotel. I replay her voice over and over in my head. Small. Carpets surrounding it. I look and I see a very small house, almost a room. I turn and drive towards it. I grab my gun and phone and get out. Everytime I step closer, I hear Melanie's whimper. I touch the gravel and find the handle. I open the latch and go down. I hear her whimper every step I make.

"Please st-,"

"Shut up!," I hear a smack. Hell no. I open the door and I see figures surrounding her.

"Please," she cries. The first figure I see I shoot. He fell to the ground and I shot the next one. "AUGUST NO!," She yells. He smacks the shit out of her and drags her and puts the gun to her head. I raise my gun to Lamar's head. I hear the clock of a gun.

"I'm sorry August," a female's voice says. "You left me for her," Kiana says. I shake my head.

"Don't do it," I say. "I don't want to hurt you Kiana," I turn towards her. "I honestly don't,"

"August you left me for her," she tells me. "YOU LEFT ME FOR HER!,"

"I know,"

"You left me for her,"

"My momma always told me to never put your hands on no woman," I say as she gets louder and louder.

"August," Mlenaie cries. I shoot Lamar and Kiana closes her eyes and shoot. Missing me and Melanie. The bullet back fires off the wall and hits her. I pick up Melanie and she is holding her stomach. I look down at all the blood. "The baby is gone," she cries. I wipe our tears and takes us out. As we walk out all the cops arrive. The paramedics walk up to us and take Melanie. I follow them, unfortunaltely getting stopped by detectives. Mleanie looks at me and closes her eyes.

"August we need you downtown,"

"I cant," I say. Moving away from them trying ot get to Melanie.

"What happened down there?," Reportes ask. I rush to Melanie and Get in the paramedic's car.

"August," I grab her hand. "I love you baby," she says.

"I love you too," I smile. She looks down at her belly and closes her eyes. "RI.P. Damaria,"

"Who said we are going to name our baby girl Damamria" I say. She looks at me, the look I love so much. I smile.

"I picked out that name isn't it pretty babe,"

"Yes," she smiles and here eyes start getting heavy.

"Damaria Lauryn Alsina," she smiles.

"We losing her!," the nurse yells. I look so lost, I grab Melanie's hand even tighter.


okay so first chapter to the sequel. I did it extra short for a reason. Pretty action type. So yeah.....

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