Chapter 12

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After digging up the Earth, you silently but thoughtfully planted your friend six feet deep. You hadn't covered his body in the moist soil just yet, but you did sit there. You sat there and gazed at the ground. It had been night time now and you could hardly even move. THe shock overwhelmed you greatly. You looked down at your hands, which had been bloodied up from the dead corpse. Just looking at the crimson color made your heart sink to your stomach. Your best friend was dead and you had no way of bringing him back.

You stood up and looked down into the freshly dug hole.

"I'm sorry, Arthur…", you whispered softly before taking a pile of dirt up into your shovel and pouring it into the wide space.

"I wish I could give you a proper burial".


A full month went by since that day. Alice had broken up with Kuro and she wasn't even upset about it. Good. She deserves better. Everyday, you would go over to Matthieu's house and have lunch while Al was at work. His arm wasn't fully healed yet, but he needed money if he was to be raising a family. Your stomach had gotten noticeably larger over the past couple weeks. You sat on Matthieu's couch, drinking a bottle of water. You could feel his light blue orbs looking at you, mainly your belly. You turned your head to him, curious as to why he was staring for so long.

"Is something wrong, Mattie?" you asked in curiosity.

A small smiled creeped onto his face.

"I just can't believe it, y'know? In just a few more months, I'll be gettin' called 'Uncle Mattie'".

He gave a full, warm-hearted smile. In all the years you've known Matthieu, this is probably the first time you've seen him with a genuinely happy smile. Just from looking at his expression made you grin. You placed a gentle hand on your stomach.

"Yeah. It seems like only yesterday we were all in high school. It's amazing how time flies so quickly…", you paused, looking down at the ground in thought.

You began to reminisce in the high school years. How much fun you had, the friends you made, and especially the school clubs. You had been President of the Anime Club the past three years you were there.

As you thought back to yourself, the room had grown awkwardly silent. Once you snapped out of it, you thought it best to start a new topic. But, before you could say anything, Matthieu had already begun speaking.

"_____________", he started in a stern and serious tone.

Your (e/c) eyes blinked in question, waiting for him to speak again. He was silent for a moment as he set his coffee mug down on the glass table, leaning forward.

"I have something to tell-no, to confess to you. But it;s your choice whether to believe it or not…alright?"

Matthieu looked you dead in the eye, waiting for your response.

"Mattie…what's the matter…?" 

You set your water bottle down on that same glassy table, leaning forward slightly more than him and placing your hands gently over his. He took a deep breath, letting out a heavy sigh in return.

"Back at the party…when Kuro-", he paused. A hitch in his throat came up as he held back his emotions. 

When he finally gathered himself, he continued.

"-when Kuro killed Arthur…", he paused again.

You watched him as slow tears rolled down his cheek.

"I-", your conversation was interrupted by a loud banging on the front door. You were slightly startled at the noise, but you got up to go answer it. Matthieu was left sitting on the couch, wallowing in what looked to be self-pity.

Once you answered the door, a tall man with with silver hair stood before you. He wore a long, black and red snow coat, along with a  pair of black jeans and black combat boots. When he turned around to face you, his blood-red eyes sent chills down your spine.

"Who the hell are you?" the man asked in a deep Russian accent.

You felt your eye twitch at such an improper greeting. 

"I dunno", you started, "your ass is the one who came to the fucking door".

Upon his face grew a pleased smirk. He let out a small chuckle before speaking louder, directing his reply towards the Canadian.

"She is a fierce one, da, Mattie?"

You heard Matthieu get up from the couch and walk over to the designated conversation area. He stood behind you and held the door open a bit wider.

"Whatchya want, Ivan? 'the hell are even on this side of the world for? Isn't it, like, three in the morning over in Russia?"

The Russian's face became stern and serious, like Matthieu's from before. He cleared his throat before speaking, but before he could even start, Matthieu had already butt-in.

"If it's about that damn Kuro, I don't want to hear about i-"

"-it's not about Kuro, you dipshit", Ivan interrupted rudely. 

He continued, "…it's Alfred".

You stood in between the two men, who were taller than you by a good foot-and-a-half. As you stood there, you could feel Mathieu place his hands over your ears. THe only thing you could hear were muffled words.

"How….does….?" you could hear Mattie ask.

You looked up at the Russian man, who was shaking his head, trying to find an answer.

"….few……months….", he replied.

Mattie uncovered your ears, hearing him sigh deeply.

"Alright. I'll let Al know. Thanks for stopping by, Ivan".

Mattie looked at the other with sorrowful eyes. Ivan nodded in recognition before looking down at you, noticing you were pregnant. He let out his own deep sigh before turning to leave. As he walked off, Matthieu shut the door.

"…You should probably get home, _____________", Mattie suggested.

You wondered why he was having you leave so early, but you nodded without argument.

"Y-Yeah…", you answered softly.

You grabbed your jacket and hat, putting on the headpiece first before being helped with your jacket by Matthieu. You turned around to him and gave him a sweet kiss goodbye, along with a 'thank you'. As a brother-in-law, he happily kissed you back, also saying his goodbyes with a soft and sincere smile.

You bother headed for the door as Mattie opened it for you, allowing you to leave. You walked into the new month of chilly November and headed towards your car, You routinely opened it up and drove off, waving to your relative as a final leave.

Instead of driving straight home, you went over to Alfred's house. The only reason you knew him was because Arthur introduced you two the last year of school. You two had become good friends, but he was often absent from class due to reoccurring illness.

You parked your car in the driveway and hopped out. Once you made it to the front door, you gave a soft knock upon the wood. It took awhile for the door to be answered, but there he was; Alfred F. Jones. He was wrapped in a heavy blanket and covered in sweaters. He wore two pairs of sweat pants, three pairs of socks, and fuzzy slippers. His dirty blonde hair was messy and his eyes were blood-shot from lack of a decent sleep. His face showed paleness, but his nose was as red as one of Romano's tomatoes. 

"Hm? Oh!"

Alfred slowly reached for his glasses on the night stand by the door, placing them carefully on his face.

"Hiya, ______________. What bring you here?" Alfred asked in a hushed tone. 

He managed to keep his dorky smile plastered on his dull face. You smiled back at him sincerely.

"Sick again, huh?" You pointed out.

"C'mon, sweetie. Let's get you to bed."

You thoughtfully ushered him back to his room, shutting the door behind you after entering the house. Once you two made it back to the American's room, which had nothing but the Nation flag and Superman plastered in every corner, you lied him down on his bed gently. He lifted an arm up to cover his mouth as he coughed violently. 

"Alfie…have you been taking care of your body lately?" you asked in concern.

He stayed silent for a moment after nodding in response.

"______________", he started softly, "Doc says…I ain't got much life left in me".

You looked at him as if he were crazy.

"Oh, please. Doctor's only say that kinda stuff so you can keep making appointments and giving them your money for prescribed drugs. You've got tons of life left in ya, Alfred", you stated in absolute confidence. 

Silence one again filled the room. Suddenly, you felt a cold hand atop your own. Alfred had used his remaining strength just to lift his arm.

"_______________. Remember…back in school…what I told you about…my world…?" His voice was soft, sounding as if he could let go of life at any moment. You nodded, also verbally answering 'yes'.

"I said that my life is run…like a video game; when player one…dies…player two…doesn't have…much time left…either…".

You remember that conversation. You two were walking home from school and Alfred had suddenly collapsed to the ground. You had to carry him and his ridiculously heavy supplies all the way back to the edge of town. That situation was similar to the current one. He stated that not every player 2 can survive without a first player. Once the first player dies, player 2 doesn't have much more time to live, either. 

"Doc says…I got about…anther…4 months…at the most", he stated with heavy breathing.

Another silence flew over before you heard your friend laugh a bit. You looked down at him in confusion. 

"Don't worry, ________________. The Hero…never dies", he stated with another dorky smile, beginning to cough harshly once more. 

You gave Alfred a sweet smile as he slowly drifted to sleep. You got up and left the room as silently as possible, turning off his bedroom light and leaving the door slightly cracked. You took your cell phone out of your back pocket and opened up a 'New Message' section, sending Al a text. You told him that you'll be staying at his 1P's house tonight because of how dangerously sick he was. Within a few minutes, your husband texted back with his approval.

For the rest of the day, you sat around doing nothing. As you sat on the comfy couch, you thought back to what Matthieu was saying. Why was he talking about Kuro? Does he know something nobody else does? The thoughts filled your head as you tried to wrap your brain around the past conversation.

From the other room, you could hear Alfred coughing is lungs out. There wasn't much you could do but try to make him healthy again. He probably got sick from all of those burgers and shit-ton of junk food! You let out a heavy sigh for your reckless friend.

"_______________", you heard a voice whine. 

You turned your head before getting up and making your way back to Alfred's room. You were halfway there before he whined again, but louder.

"________________~!" he demanded in a childish whine again. You found yourself speed-walking, jogging a few steps as you made it to his room. You opened the door a turned on the light. WHen you flicked the switch, you noticed that the floor near Alfred's bed had been drenched in blood. He looked over at you with tired and weary eyes. He was sitting up in his bed, a few drops of blood dripping from the lower left corner of his mouth.

"I don't feel too awesome…", he said.

Before you could take a step towards him, he had once again vomited the crimson color all over his bedroom floor. Seeing this, you quickly flipped out your cell phone and dialed 911.

You waited with Alfred, holding a large bowl for him to spit up in. Once the ambulance came, you rushed to the door and practically pulled them inside. You watched as the men carried yet another good friend away from you. You were unable to follow them inside the vehicle, so you tailed behind in your own car.

Once you made it to the hospital, they quickly carried Alfred to the emergency room. Unable to follow any further, you waited impatiently in the waiting room. It was 5 long hours later until a nurse came out, asking for you. You went up to her, her face showing no emotion at first but then a hint of a smile.

"You may visit him, if you'd like?"

Hearing those words made your heart melt with pure happiness. You nearly fell to your knees in joy, thanking God that you didn't have to bury another one of your friends.

"But", the nurse continued, "this is something that may happen again. Your friend has an incurable illness, ma'am. He was very lucky today, but if this just so happens to occur once again, we do not know if he will survive through the operation next time".

Her words of caution struck a cord in you, but you nodded in understanding. You bowed to her respectfully before rushing in to greet your friend.

Once you found his room, you entered with a soft knock on the door. He opened his eyes and looked over at you with a soft yet dorkish smile.

"Hey there, _______________", Alfred started happily.

You walked in.

"Hey~", you replied.

As you walked to his bedside, you sat down, placing a warm hand atop his.

"How's The Hero holding up, hm?" You smiled at him softly. In response, he let out a light chuckle.

"Just fine", he answered.

From down the hall, loud footsteps could be heard. They were running straight toward the room and you both looked over to find Matthew there. Not the 2P, but the 1P. He was out of breath as he stood in the doorway. When he saw Alfred, he walked up to him, teary eyes, and hugging him around the neck tightly.

"…Matt told me you were sick…then, I get a call from _______________ telling me that you're in the emergency room? Why must you be so damn reckless, bro…?"

You could hear the tears get caught in Matthew's throat as he hugged his beloved brother closely. Alfred didn't hesitate to hug back, pulling the smaller one a little closer.

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Mattie", Alfred apologized whole-heartedly.

You smiled at the brotherly love, thinking that it must be nice to have a sibling who cares about you so much.

You heard another pair of feet running gown the hall. When you turned to look, Al was there, standing in the doorway and also out of breath. You stood up and stared at him in shock.

"A-Al? Shouldn't you be at wor-", you were interrupted by his strong arms wrapping around you in a loving embrace. He hadn't hugged you like this since 'Florida'. His face dug into the nape of you neck as he spoke.

"Thank God, you're alright. How's the baby? Are you okay? You're not hurt, right? No pain?" 

He began asking all of these questions, giving hardly any time to answer. But before you could reply, someone else interrupted. 

"Geeze, Al..". Al's head flew forward as a hand smacked him from behind.

"Shut the hell up and let the woman answer first". The familiar voice of 2P!Matthieu filled the room.

There must be something about the Americans because they always seem to have the most people in the room when something goes wrong. You took this opportunity to answer Al's questions. 

"Yes, sweetie. I'm perfectly fine and so is the baby".

Al released a relieved sigh as he gave a small smile. He then kissed your lips sweetly before pulling off and squatting down to kiss your belly. When he did this, everyone in the room went 'awwwwh~'. Your face flushed red from embarrassment, but you still smiled.

1P!Matthew asked Alfred how long he has to stay in the hospital for.

"Just a couple more days. They said that they wanted to run a few more tests before sending me back home".

Everyone nodded in agreement and understanding. 

Soon after, everyone had once again said their goodbyes. Both Mattie's headed home while Al and I stayed behind awhile longer. Al sat by his 'twin', conversing with him about past events. Alfred loved hearing about yours and Al's story. He especially loved the story about 'Florida'. He found it absolutely hilarious.

As the night soon became late, you walked over to the two men, placing a hand on your husband's shoulder.

"It's getting late, sweetie. We should head home. We'll come visit tomorrow morning, though, alright?" You gave them both a sincere smile.

Al nodded and so did his 'twin'. You moved over to give Alfred a gentle kiss on the forehead, as if he were your own child. 

"Sweet dreams, Alfie. We'll see you in the morning", you comforted him before leaving.

Al was waiting for you by the door, his arm outstretched to take your hand. Once you two were far enough away from Alfred's room, he spoke. 

"He won't last much longer, ___________", your husband stared plainly.

Your gaze dropped to the ground in slight disappointment before answering.

"I know….but neither do you…", you added.

You had married the man of your dreams, only to be reminded that he could be taken away from you at any moment.

"Just…promise you'll still be here when the baby's born…okay…?"

You placed a free hand on your stomach and awaited an answer. But the silent void grew larger. You looked over at Al, who was staring at the ground.


He looked up at you, a smile now on his face.

"Of course", he replied.


I can't make her believe me. I just can't. But lying to her won't be the best thing to do either. What am I gonna do? If Alfred dies before _________________ goes into labor, I only have a few weeks left before I disappear as well. Damn it. How do I explain this to her?

Shit. I think she just asked me a question. What do I do? What do I do? What do I-

"Of course".

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