Chapter 11

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Your face went into shock. 'Did that really just happen?!' you thought to yourself. Before you could throw your nerves and anger at Kuro, he had vanished without a trace. You grit your teeth and clenched your hands into tight fists of rage. You wanted revenge. You wanted to see that damn Japanese man fall to his knees in pain. But you didn't have time to waste on him. 

You quickly turned back around to Arthur, kneeling down to his side as he struggled to hold on for dear life.

"It's alright, Arthur. We'll get you all fixed up...okay?" You smiled at him softly as tears inched down your cheeks.

Al walked over and swiftly took the sword out of Arthur's throat. He tossed it aside and knelt down next to you. Arthur, seemingly distant from life, gave a nod and a faint smile. But with his remaining strength and breathe, he replied. His right hand came up and took Alice's left hand into his own.

"Alice~...", Arthur started. His voice was soft very faint. "I...I want be...strong...for me", he added. His tone was gruff from the clogging blood. He looked her in the eyes, a smile on his face. "L...Let's"? 

Alice held Arthur's hand tighter, nodding in agreement. "I'll see you first thing in the morning", she answered with soft sobs.

He turned his head to look up at the sky, that same smile on his face. And before he slipped away, a single tear ran down his face. Before anyone knew it, Arthur Kirkland had let go of life; silently. 

Al leaned forward and gently closed Arthur's eyes, which had been left half-open. At this point, Alice was crying her eyes out, still holding on to her brother's hand in grief. 

You stood up, unable to take the pain and heartbreak. Kuro Honda. The man-no-the murderer who brought hesitated suffering into the hearts of many. You turned around to face the witnesses, bowing to them deeply.

"I do apologize, but I think it'd be best for everyone to return home...".

Al had been comforting Alice from behind you, so you did the formal apology.

As everyone agreed without argument, they picked up their belongings and left in absolute sympathy. You had a crying girl, a sympathetic husband, and a dead body in your backyard. What were you to do now?

You walked back over to Alice, Al, and who used to be Arthur. 

"Al, take Alice home. I'll deal with Arthur", you stated plainly. Al nodded and helped Alice to her feet. She struggled around, not wanting to leave her brother's side.

"No! Unhand me, you git! No~!!! Let me stay here with him! ARTIE! NO~!!" Alice's eyes were red from salty tears and exhaustive crying. Al had to drag her away and throw her into the car. All with one arm.

As the vehical hummed down the street, you stared at the bloodied body. A massive gash appeared obvious through his throat, dried and still crimson liquid gushed from the open wound. His face was pale and his lips had dried quickly. The feeling was finally settling in as you grit your teeth together to keep from crying too loud.

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