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Pen Your Pride

The Cowboy MXM

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Zack entered the house with the rhythmic thud of his suitcases. He sighed and rested against the closed door. He had finally gotten away from his crazy mother. The house was a gift from his aunt that was more to a mother to him an his actual. He breathed in the country air filling the house, and dragged his suitcases up the stairs.

He ran his fingers against the smooth walls, thinking about his dear deceased aunt. His aunt was as loaded as a mafia leader. Her money was now with her eldest son. He sighed, thinking about his dear father in the hospital. His life slowly being drawn away by the second.

Zack felt his tears running down his cheeks, and he sighed again, much deeper than other times. At that moment, he couldn't think his life was more messed up than ever. He threw his suitcases in the already furnished room and went back downstairs.

He opened the cupboard, grabbing the box of s'mores poptarts. He ripped a packet out and shoved the first poptart into his mouth. He walked over to the living room and plopped himself onto the sofa. He sighed, leaning his head back.

Right when he was getting comfortable, he heard the doorbell. He groaned and got up to answer the door.

When he opened the door, there stood a beautiful teenage girl. She wore jeans with a belt, that had a huge buckle with a horseshoe graved it it, a flannel shirt with a white tanktop under, and cowgirl boots. She had brown eyes, and her blond hair was in natural waves.

"Howdy." She said, while she grabbed her belt buckle. She tipped her head at me.

"Howdy..." Zack said, unsure.

The girl laughed.

"Name's Zara. Folks' round here call me Z." Zara held out her hand and Zack took it.

"Zack." He simply said, not interested in a conversation at the moment.

"I know y'all just moved in here, so I decided to say hello. Today we will be having a block party, and me and my momma would love to meet you and your family. The party is next door at 5:00." Zara smiled.

"No family. Just me." Zack muttered and looked down at his feet.

Zara felt a pang of guilt run through her.

"Oh-i-uh... I'm sorry to hear that." She whispered.

"They aren't dead." Zack looked into her eyes.

"Oh. Where are they?"

"The city."

"I see. Well we will chat later ok? Bye." Zara beamed with happiness and walked back to her ranch.

Zach scratched the back of his head and closed the door. 'I hope she didn't think....' He thought.

He shook his head and walked towards the bathroom. Doing his business, he jumped into the shower.

When he got out it was 3:50. He decided to get dressed for the party. It would be a good way to meet people.

Zack slipped on dark wash jeans, a white v-neck shirt, and a leather jacket. He lived in the country, but city fashion was his thing. He gelled his hair back and by the time he was done, it was 4:45. He went out of the house and walked next door.

He rang the doorbell, and Zara opened it. She smiled and let him in.

"Anything I could help with?" Zack said as he was led to the back.

"No. Everything is ready. People should be arriving soon." After she said that, the doorbell rung.

Zach looked out, and saw that at the gazebo, there were drinks and a bartender. Around the yard were tables full of food. He breathed in the clean air and a smile almost appeared on his face.

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