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Nicholas stared into the glass of whiskey in his hand like the age old liquid could provide answers for all the questions running through his mind

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Nicholas stared into the glass of whiskey in his hand like the age old liquid could provide answers for all the questions running through his mind. Why me? How do I move on from this? What do I do now? What did I do to deserve this? Do I even want kids?


His already drooping shoulders fell another inch lower. Was this his payback for being the playboy the tabloids loved so much? It still was too much of a price to pay, all those women knew he didn't do serious. Even Penelope who has been his on and off fiancé for almost seven years now knew he wasn't any Prince Charming.

He shook his head and signaled the bartender to ordered another drink. He was determined to get his mind off the situation at hand, but after his third glass he got even more frustrated and gave up. He felt his phone vibrate and wasn't at all surprised to see a missed call from Penelope, he shook his head then paid the bartender all the while ignoring the call.

Nicholas didn't even bother to look up when someone slid into the bar stool next to him. The cologne alone told him it was his brother Jonathan. It was confirm when someone took the seat on his other side effectively caging him in. He didn't feel caged though. Somehow having his brothers around always had a calming effect on him.

“How did you guys know I'd be here?” he asked without looking up.

“Sebastian called and told us you might be needing some company.” Jonathan told him as he signaled the bartender to take his order.

“What's going on man?” Jason asked lightly bumping him on the shoulder.

Nicholas sighed and twirled the shifted the cup from on hand to the other. He released a chuckled that had more chuckled that had no trace of humor in it.

“That bad huh?” Jonathan said with a sigh.

“It's funny how you never knew how much something meant to you until the possibility of it is taken away from you.” Nicholas told them quietly.

“OK so this has nothing to do with Penelope then.” said Jason

Both Nicholas and Jonathan turned to glare at him.

“What is everyone's issue with my fiancé?” asked Nicholas. Funny though he already knew the answer to that question.

“Man if you have to ask that then whatever is bothering is the least of your problem.” Jason said without a shrug.

“Why did you bring him!?” Nicholas asked turning to Jonathan with a accusing glare.

“He was with me when Seb called.” Jonathan shook his head at his twin signalling for him to lay off. “So what's going on man?”

“I'm infertile.” his response was so soft the others had to lean in to hear what he said.

For a minute the only sound around was coming from the other patrons and the music from the old jukebox in the corner.

“Damn.” Jason said sounding serious for once.

“Double damn.” Jonathan echoed.

“See, that would have been my reaction too except, I was so shocked I thought I was going mute too.”

“Have you told mom?” Jonathan asked carefully.

Nicholas smiled and shook his head. He knew he brothers now had a bull's-eye on their backs. Their mother made it no secret that she wanted grandchildren. She had only laid off his brothers because he had gotten engaged and was expected to have kids first.

“Please don't tell her man.” Jason pleaded.

“You know I can't hide anything from mom.” Nicholas responded with another humorless chuckle.

“Man if we had known this would happen I would have told you to store away some of your boys for future use.”

The brothers turned to look at Jason. Johnathan with a look that clearly said ‘shut the heck up’ and Nicholas with a look that said a light bulb suddenly went off in his head.

“Wait, so you actually did store some away?” Jason asked with his mouth hanging open in shock.

Nicholas could feel his face getting flushed. He was pretty sure his brothers could see his embarrassment even in the dimmed light of the bar.

“I didn't store anything man, not really.”

“What the heck does that even mean?” Jonathan pressed on.

“I don't need the both of you judging me right now OK, I was young and needed some cash.”

“Nicohlas, bro…”

“Are you telling us that…”

“You sold your liquid soldiers to a sperm bank?”

He hated when his twin brothers finished each other’s sentence. Growing up it always creeped him out. He ignored them and pulled his phone from his pocket. He dialed the number then hit the call button. The three times the phone rang felt like an eternity to him then he cursed when the operator said they were already closed for the day.

“What's up man?” Jonathan asked curiously.

“I think I might be able to solve my problem. I just need daylight to hurry and get here. Nicholas drank the rest of his that was now mixed with the water from his melted ice. He had never been more anxious to wait for daylight.

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