The Wakening

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Storm groaned softly, her hand going to her head. 'What happened?' She thought opening her eyes to the roof of an unknown car and the voices of men she didn't know. The memories of family came creeping back, and with a loud sob she curled up and cried, spooking both the men in the front seats.

The long haired boy peered over the seat, placing one of his giant hands on her arm comfortingly. "Hey, its okay." He said softly, "we will protect you Storm."

She presses her back against the seat, staring up at the boy. "Who are you?" Her voice cracked as she spoke.

"Oh right, I'm Sam and this," Sam gestured to the man driving. "This is my brother Dean." Dean grunted in response his eyes never leaving the road.

"What was that.... Thing, back at my house? And why do I have to go with you?" Her green eyes bounce from one brother to the next and back again, fear and dread pulling at the back of her mind.

Sam chewed on his lip, looking to Dean who had shifted his eyes from the road to look at you in the rearview mirror, before bouncing down to look at the road long enough to stop, pulling the warm '67 Chevy Impala to a slow halt on the empty road.

Dean turned, "Storm, what we do is hunt monsters, and other creatures that may cause mayhem." He paused, choosing his words carefully. "The creature that you saw tonight, isn't like anything we have came across, but there may be someone who can help us."

'They haven't seen anything like it?' She chewed her lip, trying to process everything that happened that night, and what Sam and Dean had said, oblivious to the sound out wings and a sudden pressure beside her.

*time to bring in someone you guys probably thought wouldn't be the one appearing!*

Storm was jolted from her thoughts as a pair of deep blue eyes appeared in front of her face, his dirty blonde hair stood spiked.

The sound of leather on leather made your eyes wonder his body, he looked normal. He wore jeans, a plain t shirt and a leather jacket. Normal, but he hasn't been there before.

Her eyes widened and her mouth formed a scream that was silenced by Sam's giant hands. "Storm, its okay. This is Balthazar, he's an angel of the lord." Balthazar looked at her, blue eyes glinting as he studied her face.

"This is her?" His voice came out a smooth, sweet British tone.

"Where's Cas?" Dean's husky voice came from the seat in front of you. "He's, out right now. So I've come to help instead."

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