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Life's Plan

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Chapter 2

I followed that mystery person until I heard someone.

"Who is she?" I heard a strange voice ask and by the tone she was a wolf.

I turned around and saw my cousin Bree. I thought she moved.

"Oh my Vic!" I heard her scream and ran to me almost knocking me down.

"What are you doing here Bree? I thought you moved." I said as I looked around her.

"I was but then I heard you where coming to my school so I decided to stay. " she said calmly.

"You saved my life then. I need t-"

"Oh my gosh have you seen that Lamborghini? It is so damn cool! I wish I had one. Who ever is the owner must be really lucky!" she yelled looking at the parking lot.

I smiled and looked at her. " Well thank you it is really cool."

She looked at me like I have gone crazy.

"What are you talking about Vic?" she looked so lost.

"That's my car Bree." I said proud and strong.

"What? Really?" she said and while clapping her hands.

'Stop Vic! Turn around!' Star screeched.

I turned around and saw a girl running to me with what looked like a silver knife. What's her problem? I moved out of the way and pinned her to the ground looking mad at me.

"You whore! You're not good enough to be alpha!" I heard the girl scream.

" Shut up." I yelled at her making her whimper. " Now who the hell are you?" I said looking directly at her eyes.

"Victoria that's Meg." I looked at Bree and couldn't believe it. It was really Meg.

"Yeah and you deserve to die! I should have been the alpha not you!" I growled at her and left. I can't stand to see her. Not after what happened.

It was just my first day of school and i already had problems. I heard Bree yelling at me but I didn't pay attention I kept walking to my locker until I bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there." he said worried and held his hand and picked me up.

"Its ok. I should have seen where I was going." I said and looked up at him.

'He's HOT' star purred. I ignored her and looked at the guy. He was hot though. With those baby blue eyes and brown hair he was fit. He had muscles and his abs could be seen through his white shirt. I looked at him for a while until he noticed .

"Name's Ash Lerts. Nice to meet you" he said with a smirk. Ugh player.

"Nice to meet you too. My name is Victoria." I said calmly and with no emotions. I looked around trying to find my locker.

"Such a pretty name for a pretty girl like you" he said and winked at me.

Ugh not now. I need to ignore him but I couldn't.

"Um thanks I guess" I said and finally found my locker.

I opened it and put my stuff inside it. I took a deep breath and smelled around. To my disappointment I would have to see Ash a long time.

"You're wolf I see." he said. "what pack do you belong too?"

"Crouse Pack." I said firmly and with a smirk.

"You're in my pack? How come I have never seen you?" he looked confused and I liked it. No Victoria stop thinking like that!

"I just moved." I said. that was half true.

He looked at me and sniffed the air and he straightened up. I guess he realized.

"You? You're the alpha? I thought it was going to be Josh or Damian." he said low.

I growled at him. "Have more respect! I can't tolerate when people don't respect me. Now Josh and Damian couldn't take the role as alpha. Either have me as alpha or yall can be lost or either be killed by hunters or rouges." I almost yelled at him.

He whimpered and looked down. "I.. I'm.. sorry alpha."

I've been losing my temper a lot more often. Josh said its because I haven't found my mate. I guess he was right.

"Apology accepted now do you mind helping me find my classes?" I said softly.

He looked up and smile at me.  "It would be an honour too. Could you please give me your schedule?"

I gave him my schedule and closed my locker. I looked at him for a while. He is hot I thought. Too bad he's not my mate.

"Wow you have every class with me except for performing arts. I have gym" he said as he looked up at me. He stared at my eyes oh those wonderful eyes. Snap out of it Victoria.

I looked back at him and he smiled at me. That smile though makes your heart melt. Damn am I falling for him? No he's not even my mate. I bet my mate is way sexier than him.

I wonder if i'll even meet my mate. Or did he die? No that can't be it I would have felt it. Why can't he just show up? Why?

Ash's POV

'Mate' was all I could hear Luke say as he smelled the hallway. I didn't know who he meant until we bumped. I looked at her and saw she was the most beautiful girl. When I touched her sparks felt everywhere in my body but something is strange.

She was so beautiful until I realized my mate was the future alpha of the Crouse Pack. The good thing was that we had every class together for a few months though until we graduate.

"Let me show you to your first class alpha" I said. I had to respect her she was alpha.

She stopped and looked at me."Call me Victoria or Vic. I hate it when people call me alpha at school."

'She's lying she loves it.' Luke said. I ignored him and kept walking.

"So how do you like school so far Victoria?" I stopped in front of Mrs. Jay's class to my surprise we weren't late.

"Well I really don't know" she whispered.

What's wrong with her? I want to hug her and kiss her but I know I would get punished.

"Well I hope you have a better day" I smiled at her. She returned the smile and we got inside the classroom.

"Well well Mr. Lerts I'm glad you finally got to class early." Mrs. Jay spat.

"Yeah whatever. I had to show her her classes." I smirked.

Mrs. Jay was never a fan of me and I of her. She hated me for rejecting her. She wasn't my mate.

"Well hello sweetie. Nice to meet you I'm Mrs. Jay. I hope you can feel like at home."

"Thanks Mrs. Jay I'm Victoria Flow" she smiled at her which made my wolf mad.

"Wait Aylin Victoria Flow? The new alpha of our Crouse Pack?" Mrs. Jay looked so impressed.

"Yeah. I guess ill see you lately then." she said with confidence.

We took our seats at the very back of the class. At least I can admire her beauty I thought. 'She's beautiful' Luke purred. I had to agree with him. Suddenly she stiffened and looked directly at the front of the class.'Oh no here comes trouble' Luke hissed.


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