A/N: Okay so I'm bring in Y/B/F, this means your best friend. So who ever your current best friend is, you use their name. I'm sorry if your best friend is a guy but I'm using female pronouns for them. 

You had spent the past week packing to move in with Dan and Phil. Of course you loved the look of their flat so you weren't taking everything. You liked the nerdy aesthetic look they had going on, it was nice. However you were making Dan clean his room up and make room for you to put your clothes in the closet.

"Come on boys! It's not that much!" You yelled down the stairs to Dan and Phil who were struggling to lift the boxes you had handed them.

"But you have one box! We both have like 4." Dan whined.

"Then lift with your legs!" You laughed as you walked into the flat. It was a rather big flat so you weren't too concerned about space, just about Phil eating your cereal.

Dan and Phil came up the stairs huffing and puffing. they were both a bit red in the face which caused you to laugh.

"Please, Y/N please tell me that those were the last boxes." Dan said as Phil laid down on the floor in exasperation.

"Yup, now all we have to do is unpack! Fun!" You smiled as you gestured to the boxes covering their lounge floor.

"Ugggghhhh." Phil groaned.

"Phil you can take a break." You told him, at this his eyes lit up.

"What?! Why does he get a break!?" Dan asked outraged.

"Because he's not my boyfriend." You giggled as you got on your tiptoes to kiss him.

"Alright, I guess fair is fair." Dan chuckled.

"Yep." You whispered.

"FREEDOM!" Phil yelled and ran out of the room.

"Wow." Dan laughed as he walked over to a box.


You were about halfway through unpacking (Dan was in the process of counting your MCR shirts) when you got a call from an unknown number.

"Hello?" You answered.

"Y/N?" You heard a voice you could never in a million years forget.

"Y/B/F?" You asked in a weak tone. It had been years since you had spoken to Y/B/F, you hadn't seen her since high school. Since she moved away to America.

"Y/N, I'm- I'm sick, really sick. I need you to come in town." She said in almost a whisper.

"W-what? You're sick? H-how sick?" You stuttered, you and Y/B/F had been friends since Kindergarten.

"Very sick, cancer." She said in a blunt tone. Time stopped, everything stood still, all the times you had with Y/B/F flashed before your eyes in a whirl of confusion.

"Where do you live?" You asked as you grabbed a small suitcase you had laying on the ground and began to shove random items of clothes in it. Dan was still utterly confused.

"Austin Texas." She told you and the began to cough.

"I'll be there by tomorrow." You said and hung up.

"What the hell Y/N?" Dan asked you in a panicked tone as he tried to stop you from packing.

"Y/B/F is sick, she has cancer, I have to go see her." You told him as you continued to shove things in your suitcase.

"What? Who's that?" He asked in confusion.

"An old friend, I've known her since kindergarten and I'm not about to leave her. I have to go, I'll be back when I can." You told him.

"Where does she live? You're not going without me." He grabbed your arm.

"Texas, and no Dan, tickets this short notice cost a small fortune, we can't afford two." You said.

"...be safe." Dan sighed and let go of you.

"I will, bye, I love you." You kissed him and ran right out the door.

"Love you too." You heard as you slammed the door.

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