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Ok people this  is not  just an authors note. Or a thank you. Or a chapter. It is all of dem! 1k READS=1000 MOTHER TRUCKER VIEWS! Ok I'm in love with Zane at my school. (No questions) BAI

(Aphmaus point of view)
My hair. Was red.

It didn't look like I died it, it was freaking glowing red. WHAT IS WITH THE GLOWING? Everyone, continued staring, though it was an awkward silence. There were to many emotions, for everyone that is. "What....." Before Travis could finish I ran off. I knew what was wrong.

(The "Killer's" point of view)
I'm not a murderer. I'm clearly, just, eliminating them, one by one. Don't ask me why, yet there is a reason. Aphmoo will be hard. Next will be, Hmmhmm..... Who knows. Whatever. I really don't care about them, yet I simply put the act on that I do. I'm very good at acting, did you know? Pretending to be "nice". Well inside this gurl ain't got no heart. EXEPT........ Hmmmm no one. Well.... There this one person.... Whatevs. Let's just say that, on the inside I'm, well I'm pretty insane, though I don't prefer that term. Oh well. I'm not that serious I'd say. I mean, when I act I'm not that serious either. I can run around like a sheep being chased by a wolf, while making out with a turtle, while getting married to a unicorn, WHILE, marrying 492,574,386 ants, and they wouldn't think that's weird. Sooooo, nothing to serious. (lol that's how random I am on a daily basis so coming up with that was really simple, lol😂) So I could say that hmmm maybe the brown haired one. You know, the... Wait, Laurence, laurence. Since I'm "close" with Aphmau I can get away with it. Unless, nothing. Hehe.

(Aaron's point of view)
Her hair was glowing. Red.  Wait...
When I touched her she glowed... Yellow, then when she got Oh no.
I thought  looking at her while blushing the smallest bit after one of those. I could tell she knew what was wrong. "What....." Travis began, but Aphmau ignored him and ran off somewhere.  Katelyn and Kawaii chan chased after her, and no one stopped or protested against them. Oh no....

Katelyn's point of view
"APHMAU! DO YOU KNOW WHATS HAPPENING? " I yelled in sadness, yes sadness, and confusion. "Umm yeah! Kawaii chan wants wants to know what happened 'sniff' to you and 'sniff sniff' Dante kun." She said, half crying. She kept on running, and we kept following her, until she hit a dead end. She backed up. But I could tell something was wrong, yet Kawaii chan was half laughing. What's her problem. I noticed when Aphmau teleports, she looks down and closes her eyes, yet she keeps doing this but she's not teleporting. "Aphmau, what happened." I said as a statement instead of a question. All she said back was "if I'm not home by nine Kawaii chan call 911 for a search party." And with that she ran off before we could stop her.

Aphmaus point of view
This is not lit! (CallMeBrey1216  get the reference? Lol lit cows) And what was with the laughing Kawaii chan? Oh well i thought to myself continuing to run, I keep trying to teleport, ok and.... That didn't work... And ..... No. And... YASSS! I really only made it away a few streets. And that gives me a clue who it is. What I know is "Black Magic" got its name from a female demon, named Mage Black. What I know about her is she was the most skilled in magics like that, more than anyone, more than I am at mine. She's very dangerous. She's very good at acting, so I can tell how she did this.  I can tell that whoever killed Dante is for someone else next. And Mage is someone close to me, yet I don't know who. About the glowing, it's Mage, and I can tell Aaron knew that too. Unless I didn't put on blockers again.... Whatever.   I didn't know where to go and I'm not going home, so a bit out of Mystreet I sat a the outskirts of a forest. The glowing is a sign, saying that the murderer is close. EXEPT with Aaron..... He did that himself......

(LAURNCEs point of view) (kill him!😡)

As I was walking home I had my hands in my pockets and my head down. My best friend died. Garroth was beside me, but probably all he cared about was talking and how much more pizza we get without him. When we got home there was a note on the door and it said ... Ok sorry I still can't read. (Comment of you get the reference😆)
Garroth's  point of view

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