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||Yoongi or Mr.Min, is your teacher, you're 18 and he's 23. Not that much of a gap, right?||

You get to your 4th period class and sigh. Mr.Min was your favourite teacher. Let's just say you have a little crush on him. Ok it's not little. But he's one of the best looking teachers at the school.

You sit in your seat at the front, and open your textbook to the page that is written on the whiteboard. You're really tired after a long night talking to your friend on the phone till 3 in the morning. And you have a test tomorrow. You've hardly studied and you were supposed to study for at least 6 days. And you haven't studied at all.

You're super tired and as you start to fall asleep Mr.Min gets angrier and angrier. He's been staring at you for a while and decides to wake you up. He bangs your desk and shakes you till you wake up.

"(Y/N)!! Please wait outside and I'll talk to you in a minute!" Mr.Min yells. You stand up and walk outside and sit on the chair near the door, waiting for the teacher to come and talk to you. The door opens and the teacher walks out, arms folded . You stand up and look down. He looks at you sternly, but has the disappointment in his eyes.

"So, you like to sleep in my class?" He asks.

"N-no sir. I was just tired after last night" you reply.

"Were you studying last night?"

"No sir"

"Why weren't you studying (Y/N)? Does your education not matter to you?"

"My friend and I were talking last night"

"So does your education matter? Are my classes boring? Do you need to be intrigued in my classes? Is my voice not good enough for you to listen to?"
He says. He pulls you closer to him and you blush.

"Well? Am I not a good enough teacher for you?" He asks. He pulls you in closer till he's hugging you.

"N-no it's not that Mr.Min. I love your classes. I just get really tired during them. I'm sorry" you say.

"So. What are you going to do to make up for it?" He says. You look up at him and take a couple of steps back from Yoongi.

"I-I don't know sir" you reply. He takes you arm and walks down a dark hallway. He smashes his lips on yours. He puts his hands up your shirt and pulls at your bra.

"Mr. Mi-"

"Just call me Yoongi" he cuts off. He slides his tongue in your mouth and you make a small whimpering sound. You feel different towards him. You feel more intrigued about him. He's just full of surprises.
He kisses you all over and kisses down to your stomach and gives it small kitten licks. You smile and squirm a bit under his touch. He smiles against your skin and stands up and starts nibbling at your earlobe.

"Now, what will you being doing in my classes from now on (Y/N)?" He asks.

"Paying way less attention than I do already" you reply.

"No, this is a reward. You'll have to pay attention, behave and not fall asleep. Understand?" He says. You nod and smile. He pats your head and walks you back to class.

You friends look at you and smile.

"Where did you and Mr. Min go?" Your friend asks.

"We had to go photo copy something. He needed and extra pair of hands" you lie.

"Oh ok" she says, rolling her eyes.

"(Y/N)! Detention for talking in class!" He yells.

"Oh I can't wait" you say smiling. He smiles back at you and starts writing things on the board.

//next is your hope!\\

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