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songs for this chapter:cool by troye sivan

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songs for this chapter:
cool by troye sivan

author's note: i haven't updated in like three billion years and i'm sorry. there's time jumps and a BUNCH of questions that haven't been answered and situations/problems that aren't resolved yet but i figured that we all deserve a good little chapter that will repair luke and ava's messed up relationship. basically this is pretty lazy writing but it's actually more planned out than it seems, my ideas just haven't been flowing recently.

to recap: luke and delilah bumped into each other right after luke and ava accidentally kissed. luke isolated himself for (what is now) a month and continuously ignored ava whilst breaking her heart as he tried to fix himself and fully repair himself from delilah's damage, and delilah has yet to explain herself. (delilah is luke's ex girlfriend for those of you who don't remember.) ava is very sad because luke is one of her best friends and although she hates him for pushing her away, she wishes him the best and hopes he feels better about himself and grows stronger mentally. however, she gets a call from her mom and things become an even bigger mess...

chapter twenty two: happy halloween, you filthy animals.

Luke wiped his eyes and grumbled angrily under his breath as Calum and Ashton made him put on a leather jacket and dress up for their friend's bogus Halloween party that Luke didn't even want to go to. It had been months since Luke left the house or talked to anybody other than his family or his roommates or, occasionally, Leonardo Geraldinni the mailman who would use up his free time by talking to whoever's mail he was delivering. (He was a sweet guy in his mid-thirties with pearly white teeth who had a habit of quoting mafia movies and Queen songs.)

"See, don't we look cool?" Calum persuaded, combing up his hair and popping the collar of his jacket and making faces as all three of the men stared into the mirror. "We're Thunderbirds!"

"We look incredibly beautiful," Ashton agreed, grabbing his car keys from the kitchen counter as he and Calum prepared to push Luke out of the house and make him have a fun time on possibly the best night in the entire year. "Michael's Halloween party is going to be amazing."

"Yeah," Calum agreed, "In more ways than one."

"Since when have you been friends with Michael?" Luke questioned, ruffling his blonde hair so that it was messy again, ruining the amount of brushing Calum spent on it. He knew that the boys just wanted to party and drink and hang out, but that's not something he wanted to do. He hadn't wanted that for a while. So, why is it that he was still going? He didn't know, but he was and his friends were sure of that.

"Michael's great," Ashton shrugged as they all walked out the door, much to Luke's dismay. Ashton's smile then slowly turned into a smirk and he glanced at Calum, "And he's really good at planning."

Luke scrunched his eyebrows and pondered to himself, ignoring the weird look his friends were giving each other at the moment, only focused on his never-ending dread of attending a social event that included a club against his will. Was he even ready for going out? It's undeniably clear that Luke was slightly more mentally and emotionally stable than he was a couple months ago, and he regretted and was ashamed of a lot of his not thought-through decisions, yet he was just as equally as embarrassed to confront the consequences of what he's done. And to face seeing so many people at once just seemed overwhelming, but then again he could probably wash that feeling down with a couple shots of vodka.

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