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//third person pov//
-months had passed since (y/n) told Adrien about her pregnancy.  Right now she looked like she had swallowed a whole watermelon, she was 8 months pregnant.  Adrien being the nice husband he is, was super overprotective, he barely let (Y/n) walk around, he cooked and did the house chores.  He would bring most things she asked but would say no every now and then just for her healths sake.  Sometimes he would freak out at her mood swings often not knowing what to do.  The doctors were very curious on why the baby was so huge, after all (y/n) refused to let the doctors see the gender or the baby in general.

-The couple decided to take a short stroll in the morning.  The sun was shinning bright and the two adults were having a small talk, (y/n) constantly shifting moods.

//(y/n)'s pov//
-ugh when will I get this creature out me?
Pregnancy is not an easy task, there's morning sickness everyday,  these random cravings and worse of all...the stupid mood swings! One second I'm mad then I'm sad and then I'm happy...like what the!

-it was a beautiful morning, me and Adrien got even closer than before,

"How's daddy's little girl?" He asked looking at my little panda,

"Don't you mean... mom's little boy?" I corrected him, he laughed,

"Pretty sure she is a girl...her name would be...Adriana!" He said jokingly,

Right at that moment I felt something liquid slide down my legs, it was water...my water broke!

"My water just broke!" I exclaimed to my husband, he rushed me to a nearby hospital and got me safely to the ER.

------------------time skip-----------------------

Pain, then only thing I felt.

"Push!" The nurse said as my vision became blurry, more pain arrived.

-my husband was holding my hand, worry was written all over his face. Tears were streaming down my face, it seemed and it felt like the pain was endless.

-soon enough I heard a cry, they took out a baby,

"Push!" Another nurse said,

"Another one?!" We both said, the nurse nodded and mentioned that we were having twins, a boy and a girl.

-I kept pushing and pushing until I heard another faint cry.

-I'm mommy now!

//Adrien's pov//

-I saw as my two new kids were born, I felt horrible, after all (y/n) just went through a lot of pain, after giving birth to two premature babies, my wife fell asleep.

---------------time skip-------------------------

I was holding my baby girl, she had a couple blonde strands of hair and (e/c) eyes, (y/n) was holding our little boy, he had her (h/c), he had this eye 'disorder' where his eyes are a different color each...one of his eyes is (e/c) and the other is bright green. Both of my kids were adorable,

"Emma, can that be her name?" I said to
(y/n), she smiled, looked down at our little nameless boy,

"How about Branden?" She said still looking at Branden,

"Emma Diann Agreste and Branden Benjamin Agreste" I said looking at my beautiful and talented wife and my two wonderful children, suddenly the door is opened and Sebastian ran in,

"MOMMY!" He said trying to hug (Y/n) getting pulled back by himself when he saw Emma and Branden,

"Are they my new siblings?" He said, (y/n) smiled and nodded.

I have a feeling this family is going to
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