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"So what you're telling us is that he won't be able to have children?" Penelope asked in a distasteful tone.

"He will be able to father children, just not naturally." The doctor patiently replied

"What the heck does that even mean though!?" She asked clearly annoyed.

The doctor turned to look at Nicholas. He had been as still as a statue by the window since the test results were read. There was no reaction as to how he was feeling. The man's face gave nothing away.

"What I'm saying Ms. Moore is that major injury was done to his Epididymis during the accident causing fertility to be affected." the doctor replied then turned to see if he would get a reaction out of Nicholas then, still there was nothing.

"So we'll never have our own child is basically what you're telling us,  because his balls got crushed by the steering wheel?" Penelope again with the hysterics.

Nicholas stiffened at her crass outburst. The harsh reality of her words pierced through him.

"Penelope can you please wait outside, I need to speak to Sebastian alone." he told her looking away.

"Excuse me? Why can't I stay? This affects me too Nicholas I have the right ..." She started saying but the rest of her words froze in her throat at the stone cold expression that was turned on her.

Nicholas had mastered that look over the years in all those board meetings he had to endure. It's the same look that had his employees running to their desk while pretending to work every time he got back to the office from a lunch meeting.

As they waited for Penelope to leave, he ignored the doctor's knowing expression. As best friends, Sebastian knew him almost better than anyone.  Actually he was pretty sure the man knew him like a chef knew their best kept recipe. Penelope turned on her heels with an offended huff and stormed out of the office without another word of protest.

"What are my options?" Nicholas asked turning back to Sebastian.

"Well here's a good option; ditch Penelope and her too good to wear polyester once in a while ass and find yourself a decent woman." he replied as he fell back in the chair behind his desk and wheeled it over to face his friend.

Nicholas wiped his hand across his face and squeezed his eyes close.

"Can we not do this right now man? I meant what are my options re fathering my own child.” he winced at the way he sounded defeated.

"Well you asked so as a friend I'm telling you what everyone else seems to be afraid to do and that is to dump her! I know you're a asshole yourself but two assholes in a relationship makes for a great disaster, mi amigo.”

"Sebastian please." he replied with an expression that made his friend know he was seconds away from getting up and walking out.

Frustration oozed from his tone. He wanted to scream and throw a tantrum but his stubborn pride kept him and his dignity in check. Sebastian must have noticed this because he sighed and sent him a sympathetic look.

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