Chapter 10

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8 months later

"BREAKFAST TIME!!!!!!" I yelled through the house tryna wake Lacey up.
"Shut uuuuuuuup." She yelled back.
I made us some waffles, sausage, eggs, and grits. Lacey came down the stairs looking rough af. "Girl you so ugly."
"So? My man like it!" Today was our big day. We're graduating from high school. Lacey's Valedictorian! She's such a smart girl and I'm so proud of her. I got her the best surprise ever too.

I'm doing good myself. I went back to school and I'm tryna do better! I still been in the drug business , but I'm making money. Skeeta and Leo still my homies. They been helping us with the babies too. Buying them clothes, diapers, and food. Speaking of the babies... They bad af! They crawling and stuff but they not walking. They only 8 months.

Lacey is a great mother! I really wish these were her kids! They actually look like her a lot though, even though she's darkskin. "this breakfast is amazing baby."
"Thanks bae."
I have her a kiss. We fed the babies some grits and put their blue button down polos , shorts , and wolf Greys. I put them in the car and drove them to my mamas house.
"Hey ma."
I love this woman to death. "Hey baby! And momo babiessss. I missed y'all." She kissed each of them on their foreheads. "Come in for a sec and talk to me."
"Yes ma'am."
We sat down on the couch. "So how you been? You and Lacey."
"We've been great! Ever since we got back together things have been better than ever."
"Im so glad you two are finally graduating. I'm so very proud of you. Things are finna get real though. You need to get off the streets and take care of your boys. Lacey has been a wonderful help, but she's only 17. She's not even legal yet. She can't do everything for these babies. She's a baby herself. You take care of her though! And stay out of trouble! Okay?"
"Okay ma. I love you."
"I love you too."
Moms can't come to my graduation cause she's been house bound for a while. Something with her health. Anyway, I drove back home to go get dressed. Lacey and I took a shower together. "Curly or straight baby?" She asked me. "Straight." We put on our purple caps and gowns. I had a silver sash on and Lacey had on a gold one. I had never seen her look more beautiful.

We drove to the dome where the graduation was taking place. We sat in our chairs , happy af. Me and Lacey are really popular so I know we gone get all the applause. They started to call names. I went before Lacey. "Chris Michael Roberts." Chris is my real name by the way. "woooooooooooooooohhhhhh! That's my nigga!" I heard Skeeta louder than everybody else. Everybody bussed out laughing. And he graduating too.

Then, my baby. Damn she's so beautiful. God truly sent me an angel. "Lacey Alyse Smith!" I screamed loud as shit! She had more applause than me. It's all good though. I wanted her to. She looked at me and smiled.

Afterwards , me , Lacey , Skeeta , Leo, and Mya went out to eat. Leo was the only one who didn't graduate today. He had graduated last year. " To say y'all some lil thugs , y'all doing good." Said mya. She kissed Skeeta. I forgot to mention, they go out now. "I know! I'm so proud of my boys!" Added Lacey. "yeah we know."

We all went to me and Lacey's house when we were done and talked for a while. "Hey Lacey, I've got a surprise for you." I told her. "Really? What is it?"
"You think I'm just gonna tell you this easily? Nononono. Drive to the airport, then drive back."
"Why would I drive there and drive back?"
"Just do it."
"Alright." She picked up her keys and left and I smiled hard.
"What you got her nigga?"
"Her own private jet with her picture on it."
"You lying!?!?"
"How much did that cost G?"
"4,000,000" but don't tell her."
"How the FUCK did you get that much money?" Asked mya. "The drug business isn't good, but it gets you that cake homie. Speaking of drug business, we got a pickup in 30. "Let's leave then before my sister comes back."said Leo. "Alright. Mya, you coming?"
" I dunno."
" fine , well stay your ass here."
We all walked towards the door. "Wait I'm coming!" Screamed mya. We drove to the trap house to get the shit. When we got there, we knocked on the door and you wouldn't believe who answered, Michael.
" I met your girl at the mall homeboy. I see you like that chocolate. She bad af though homie."
" why tf you here nigga?"
" why you sound mad? We cool aren't we? "
Mya looked scared.
" aha what's wrong with you pretty lady?" Michael asked mya, touching her face!
" DONT TOUCH MY GIRL NIGGA!" Said skeeta. He punched the shit out of him and Michael pulled out his gun.
"See , I just wanted to have a friendly conversation, but no." We pulled out our guns too. You think we come to the trap house without guns on us? Fuck no. " nigga you shoot , you die." I told him. " you would shoot me cash? Chris. How you gone shoot your own brother son?"
"WTF?" Said Leo.
"He didn't tell y'all?"
" nigga I been knowing you since I first got in the game and you didn't tell me you had a brother? Especially this nigga!" Said Skeeta.
"man fuck this. Let's go---- wait , where's boss?"
" don't worry about that. Just leave. Suddenly, like 15 more dudes came out the house looking at us. We not pussies, but 3 niggas with a gun and a girl can't beat 15 dudes with a gun like this. We got in the car.
" don't say a word about this to Lacey! NOTHING."
The car ride home was silent. Thankfully , we got home like 5 minutes before Lacey. She burst in the door with tears in her eyes.
" THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU." She ran over to me and hugged and kissed me.
" aye y'all need to leave. Can y'all come back tomorrow?" Asked Lacey.
"Yeah sure." They said.
I knew exactly what she was planning.
Everyone got up and smiled big af -- they knew too. This was really special to me , cause Lacey and I have been together for years and we haven't had sex. I couldn't have been with anyone else for years without having sex. She's pretty damn special.
" I can't believe you would do all that for me."
" anything for the love of my life."
She smiled. She grabbed my hand an pulled me upstairs into our room. We started kissing and she took her top off. Damn. I put on "This Woman's Work" by maxwell. Had that bitch on repeat. Set the mood just right. I laid her in the bed and nibbled on her ear. I bit, kissed, and sucked on her neck. I took of her shorts. I licked her from her neck to the bottom of her stomach and she moaned. I felt her panties and she was already soaking wet. "Damn ma, you get wet fast. Daddy like."
"Shutup." I took her bra off and sucked on her nipples while rubbing in between her thighs and she arched her back a lil bit. A took off her panties and kissed her pussy. I stuck my tongue in and she was so sweet, warm, and wet. I circled my tongue in and moved my lips around. She was going crazy. Moaning and pulling on my hair. Had a nigga going harder. A pulled a Trojan out my dresser and looked her in her eyes. "You ready?" She nodded and took the condom from me and put it on me. I rubbed the tip around on her clit for a minute. "Stop teasing me!!!" I smiled. I entered her slowly and she arched her back. "Aaaaaaaaah." I stroked and grind on her. She was moaning and biting her lip, eyes rolling in the back of her head. "I'm about to cum!"
" yeah, squirt for papi." She did just that. I licked it all up. " flip over." She told me. She gone ride the first time? I'm really inlove with this girl. She got on top of me and stroked my dick with her hand. First going slow then faster, faster, and faster, and faster. "Fuuuck, give it to me ma!" She stuck my dick inside of her slowly and moved her hips around. Mama is a pro. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. She got faster and bounced up and down. That shit drove me craaaaaazy. I nutted and she got off so I could change the condom. No we weren't done. By the time we were, I had nutted 4 times and she did 6. We didn't fuck. We made love. And then, we went right to sleep.

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