A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lies: Chapter 1

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lies [Chapter 1]

I looked strait ahead, keeping my eyes locked on a single person, watching all her moves, observing for weakness. Behind the dark tinted windows of my car, she wouldn't suspect anything, nor did she have to. She walked across the street talking on her phone nonstop, unaware of her surroundings. She was about to cross the street, a narrow intersection, without even looking both ways before crossing. Obviously she hadn't had those annoying assemblies in school about looking both ways before crossing the street. Her wheat colored hair blew on her face covering her eyesight for a fraction of a second; that was my cue.

I turned on the car, the engine purring. I sped up the street, knowing that a car was coming on the opposite side. Today wasn't their lucky day. The car roared, coming into life on its own. The one opposite to mine was following all the traffic rules, it wouldn't help. Just as the driver of the silver car that would collide with mine, realized what was happening, swerved out of control, while I swerved to the right. The driver of the silver car couldn't control his machine. The girl with the wheat hair was unfortunately in his path. Being only a few feet away I could hear the thump as her body hit the glass on the silver car.

It was a small town, no cameras, or police officers nearby, perfect for an "accident"; I could only linger in a single location for a while. Arising suspicions was the least of my worries, the "accidents" were the most difficult part. I could only influence them, not kill the victim right away. It helped when you had a plan, but small town as easy as they were for making event's seem like accidents, were the most difficult to keep because the locals wouldn't keep their mouth's shut. Everybody's business was everybody's. Rumors would stir, and I would have to leave, in the fear of the consequences. I had regained the physical part of myself; my body, and I wasn't going to lose it. Becoming a Grim Reaper was just a minor price to pay for being able to live again, breathe and experience it all.

I opened the door of my car, nothing too flashy, just a simple beat up Nissan. I walked over to the scene. Just as I arrived I saw the intangible forms of the wheat colored haired girl and the driver who appeared to be in his early twenties. The girl with the blonde hair stared at me, her cerulean eyes piecing mine. The driver of the silver car looked confused, his warm brown eyes taking in the scene before him. His eyes widened when he saw his bloody body on the driver's seat.

"So, what's going on", the blonde haired girl said without emotion.

"Well, I'll cut through the crap, your dead", I said.

"That part is obvious", she said.

"What's your name?"

"Emma, so where are we going to now?" she asked while pointing a manicured finger to the driver.

Apparently she wasn't from this town judging by her appearance.

The other guy hadn't come to his senses yet, still looking at everything unbelieving.

"Frankly I don't know, and I don't care", I said flatly.

"But- if we're dead then how you can see us?" The man said. This had been the first time he said a word.

"First what's your name?" I asked, making sure I had killed the right people.

"Kane", he replied.

"Well I'm here to make sure your dead, and -"

"Wait then how can you be talking to us, isn't it strange to be talking to yourself in the middle of the street?"

I looked at Kane quizzically; he was missing the big picture. Usually I got the begging, the tears, or the attitude like the girl Emma had.

"This is happening in a matter of seconds, I just have to make sure the job was done."

"What job?" Kane asked.

"You idiot she's the reason we're dead", Emma replied.

I had enough and walked back to my car. That was the only thing I had to do kill them not put up with any questioning.

"Wait so what's going to happen to us?" Emma said.

"I don't care!" I yelled back.

I really didn't know either; I never stood around enough for that.

Inside the car I dialed 9-1-1, informing them about an accident I stumbled across. I waited, I had just escaped from questioning and I was going to plunge into more. I turned my head, to look at the bickering Kane and Emma. In the corner of my eye I caught a small splotch of dark skin that was advancing; I paid it no attention, and looked back at Emma and Kane. They were gone, wherever they went, I hoped they were miserable.


Okay the last line, I had no idea how to end it. lol! Any grammatical issues my bad, but I really felt bad for the last suckish chapter I posted up, I hope this went better, I really hope it does. Anyways sorry if you don't understand the car part, I'm useless when it comes to cars XD

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