Chapter 12

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Louis P.O.V

I woke up this morning to a bright light streaming in from my window. Groggily I sat up, holding a weary hand to cover my eyes from the blinding glow.

Oh shit, I thought, I forgot to close the curtains."

Groaning, I stumbled rather ungracefully out of bed and made my way over to the window, carefully managing to hit every inanimate thing in my way with whatever body part that felt like hitting it.

I was just about to close the curtains when my eyes began focusing and I spotted a curly mop rolling around in the garden. Grinning, I left the room, grabbing my dressing gown on the way.

I came by my phone passing through the kitchen, and thought I ought to sent Liam a quick text to ask how he was and how Ruth was doing.

When I eventually made it to the garden, Harry was inspecting a branch of a tree extremely cautiously, almost as if it would snap if he pressed any harder.

"You've been spending a lot of time in the garden recently," I commented, making him jump so much he released the branch and it flew upwards, smacking him in the face on the way.

I choked back a giggle and wandered over to him. It was true though, he seemed fascinated by it completely.

"The garden..." the words rolled of his tongue like he'd never said them before. He began saying it again in different tones and textures whilst taking it off across the lawn. I watched in amusement until he was finished and brought him inside for some breakfast.

It had come to my attention that he quite enjoyed milk, so his ideal sort of breakfast was a glass of milk and some sort of cereal. As I was getting out the milk and cereal I asked:

"Had you ever seen a garden before this?"

"Well yes," he replied hesitantly, "But only on my run from Ben ages ago. Carol didn't have a garden at her house, it was a bunch of stones sealed into the ground..."

"A patio?"

"YES! That was it! A patio. She didn't have any flowers or that green stripes on the ground or the big brown things with green shapes on the top."

I was befuzzled. Utterly befuzzled. I had kinda guessed this boy was trying to describe things in the garden but I had no idea.

Still confused, I went out to the garden and returned later with a flower, some mud, some grass, a leaf and a section of bark. I put them in separate glasses.

"Name what you can of these." I demanded. Harry glanced at each of them.

"Flower." He said, pointing to the correct object in question, "You taught me that one before. But I don't know any of the others."

"Right then! It's time for a biology lesson!" I declared. First of all I gestured to all the things on the table.

"All these things, as you know, come from the garden, so basically outdoors. They all grow from the ground which is mainly made up from this." I help up the glass containing the mud.

"This is mud, and everything shown here grows from the mud. Grass is simple," I put down the glass of mud and picked up the glass of grass, "It is green and always grows in these little blades." I offered the glass to a fascinated Harry who took some grass out a wove it between his fingers. He grinned.

"I like it."

"Well good," I said, "Because grass is what helps keep us alive. We breathe in a gas called oxygen, but oxygen is only one of the gases in the air around us. Another is carbon dioxide. What grass does, is convert carbon dioxide into oxygen so we can breathe in the air around us. Do you follow?" Harry had began to look dramatically confused.

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