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Welcome to the romance tips corner.

This is where we can talk about writing romance. Our discussions will hopefully encourage and inspire each other.

Tips Corner is an interactive learning format rather than teaching. There are many 'how to' guides on writing romance so rather than duplicate them with more articles here, we want to learn from your thoughts about the genre.

Most people on here read or write romance and whether they realise it or not, are experts and have ideas to offer.

There are no right and wrong answers and what works for one person mightn't for another. What one likes, another might hate.

Hopefully our brainstorming will help everyone create better stories. And of course, ones that attract gazillions of reads and a publishing bidding war!


What would you like to see in this tips corner?

Comment with your suggestions. If your idea is similar or related to a previous one you can answer that one and chat among yourselves.

Perhaps you want to get more reads, make your story stand out, make your characters likeable or write a series. Put it here!

If it's a more specific question, like keeping the romance central or when your characters should realise they are in love, also let us know. What about sub genres of romance like romantic suspense or paranormal? You might be surprised who else wants a discussion about your favourite!

We will read all your suggestions and use them to guide how our romance tips corner develops.

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