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"Hello?" Jimin asked into the empty shop.
Nobody answered, but the door was open so he assumed that it was okay to walk inside.
Again the air of the shop smelled chemical but also good and kinda fresh.
He smiled and took a closer look at the dolls right beside the entrance.
One of them stood on the floor but was almost half the high of Jimin. She was really beautiful. Jimin loved the green eyes and the freckles.
He heard a noice from the back of the shop. Maybe he should call louder?
But then, he would be too embarrassed to shout.
Jimin walked around the counter with raised shoulders and folded arms, like he was hugging himself.
He felt like doing something illegal. The area behind the counters was normally total private, but he'd rather look for someone back there instead of screaming....
Well he wasn't looking for someone, he was looking for the man that promised to wash Jisuns skirt. Maybe she'd noticed that it was gone, thats why she was mad at him.

"Oh I haven't noticed that someone came inside, I'm sorry" Jin said as he saw Jimin in the doorframe of his small crafting room.

"You're Miss-?"

"Park" he blushed immediately.
"I mean, not Miss park. Mr park... no uhm Park Jimin- just Jimin" he mumbled, his face getting darker each second. His hands were sweating.
Jin chuckled a bit, also a bit ashamed because he just missgendered him. Of course he couldn't know that Jimin kinda appreciated it.

"Oh yeah I remember, I'm preparing sketches for your sisters doll at the moment. So what do you want here, did she send you here?"

"No I was actually looking for-" he remembered that he didn't even know the mans name.
Jin raised an eyebrow.

Jimin was so nervous, he felt his heartbeat in his throat.
What was he even thinking just walking inside this shop, searching for someone he didn't even know the name of?!
He mumbled something of being sorry and stepped backwards a few steps, like Jin was attacking him. Than he turned around and ran back into the shop, crashing together with something.
At first he thought it might be a doll and felt the pain if guilt inside of him. What if he broke the doll?!
But then he felt that he was laying on top of something soft. It was moving and it was warm. He slightly opened his eyes.
"Oh fuck" he man beneath him mumbled. He hit his elbow when Jimin ran against him and kinda lost his balance.
Jimins eyes teared up and he quickly stood up, pressing his knees together to keep them from shaking. He was so embarrassed. So ashamed. He just wanted to die.

Jin laughed at the sight of his brother on the floor, but Jimin understood it like Jin was laughing about him.
He reached for the mans hands , to help him up.
"Thank you" he said with a deep voice, Jimin recognized from the basement. It was him.
He slowly raised his head at the man , which was now standing up straight and brushing dirt off his shoulders that was actually not there.

Jin was watching them, so Jimin felt not save asking for the skirt. But Yoongi understood his anxious gaze and smiled at his big brother.
"It's okay , I got it"

Jin shrugged and went back to his crafting room.

"I've your skirt, it's clean and you can't tell there was blood on it. But it's upstairs -"

Jimin wasn't sure why he didn't asked to stay here and wait, but something inside of him told him to follow the man upstairs.

(It's 3 in the morning while I'm writing this uhggg)

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