sharing there pasts and loving hugs

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The 6 sat in the living room since they don't have school tomarrow because of the trip so they decided to just relax and talk "how about we talk about the beginning of our past lives" sasuke asked while holding naruto who nodded in agreement.

"how about i go first" Kyuubi says as he looked at itachi "i guess so" he says
"OK so I or were the very sons of the 4th hokage and his wife who was a jinjuriki I was 7 at the time my mother was about to give birth to naruto and menma but things didn't go our way as a masked man planed out everything and since I was so young I wasn't able to control half myself as I went into an outrage and I knew our dad minato had to think of something while protecting our mom and my two brothers" he says looking down, as his ear twitched lightly and he looked at itachi "so that was you" he asked and Kyuubi only nodded.

"Well when I was young and the village was under attack while sasuke and sasukie were only just 1 years old I was told to protect them and hide in a safe place" itachi replied "well what a caquincident huh" Kyuubi says while smiling.

"But actually our father managed to calm me down but I did something that made me regret everything as I took naruto and menma than...I just ran for it and to tell the truth I descovered things that menma hasn't but I always stayed by both sides even though I stayed close to naruto" Kyuubi says as he opened his eyes "Kyuubi what do you mean you did something horrible" Menma asked, getting up "if I told you you wouldn't love me anymore" kyuubi says.

Naruto lowered his ears as he started shaking a little bit as he had a feeling that he knew but shook it off "after a while though i had to go to somewhere so i left naruto and menma with this sweet lady that lived in the forest" kyuubi says smiling.

"oh i remeber that she was super kind and protected me and naruto and many others that i dont remeber" Menma says  "Gaara was one of them" Naruto says "oh ya and him two i think there were others" menma replied while naruto only nodded "i also remeber there being trouble with someone as we had to hide than excapt to a care were she buckled us in" naruto says as menma nodded "ya i remeber being flipped over and we had to excape from the car" menma says "oh i remeber that part though we all made it" sasuke says as naruto looked at sasuke surprised "what" naruto says "there was some guy who tried to take us or others and we had to go to the car before we were noticed me and menma were in the back seat though" sasuke says.

"wait that means your like the same age as me" naruto says while sasuke nodded his head "actually what makes evewrything scaring is when we got separated but i got caught" naruto says lowering his ears as he was instently hugged by sasuke while he hugged back, "what happened naruto" Menma asked "i dont wanna remeber that much of the past" naruto says with a sad look on his face as he hid his face in sasuke's chest "so if i were two show you a sertan video that i found of some guy would it return" Sasuke, whispered "it depends on what he looks like, sound, and walk" Naruto whispered back with more fear in his voice as they decided to cut it short as hours later of talking they decided to just spend time with there own mates alone not wanting, to bring up horrible pasts that some of them have.

Sasuke was laying in bed with Naruto by his side "ok Naruto I'm gonna show you this video of this guy and if you know him please tell me and I'll quickly end his life" Sasuke says poking naruto's side earing a giggle from the blond fox "ok Sasuke" Naruto says while smiling happily, as Sasuke started to get slightly worried before taking his camera out as he played a video watching naruto's expression closely as it went from a smile to a slightly unhappy face to a sad face to a scared face "s...Sasuke can we c-cut this v-video off p-please" Naruto begged, as the uchiha nodded and did so before being hugged by a shaking and crying kitsune.

Sasuke hugged back and kissed naruto's head while trying to comfort his uke that was now crying.

With menma and Sasukie

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