When he comforts you

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I couldn't resist writing this. Warning: sad, and cute.

It would only get colder as you truged up the mountain pass, and soon you were knee deep in snow.

This made it extremely slow going, especially since the hobbits where so small. 

And, of course, it would only get deeper.

At one point you slipped, and gratefully accepted Boromir's hand when he helped you up, as much as you disliked him.

Unfortunately this lead to him trying to flirt with you. Again.

As fast as you could, you caught up with Gandalf, as he was much better company.

Also you had not had a proper chance to catch up with him yet.

"I feel slightly uneasy," he said when you asked him how he was, " our journey has been to simple thus far, I fear Sauramon may soon try something,"

"If he blocks the pass where shall we go?" you ask, "through the tunnels of Moria? Or around the mountains?"

"You know as well as I do that Moria is too deep," Gandalf said, "much too deep, it's very dangerous,"

"But it would be a major set back on our journey if we had to go round the mountains," you counter, " it could take months,"

"Are you willing to risk a repeat of Ganliana? " Gandalf hissed.

You suddenly stopped in the snow, shocked.

"You- you mean- a Bal-" you start to stutter.

Gandalf nodded grimly, but you could see a trace of fear in his eyes.

Ganliana was an old dwarven mine, that had been dug out many years ago.

They had dug too deep, and awoken one of the Balrogs.

Luckily a young With and a Wizard managed to defeat it, though it came at the price of their lives.

You knew that though it was a scary tale, it would be less scary if you and Gandalf hadn't been there to see it.

If you hadn't both been children, and that Witch and Wizard weren't Gandalf's parents trying to protect both of you, you wouldn't get nightmares and occasional flash backs about it.

You shook your head to rid yourself of these morbid thoughts.

Sauramon had not sprung a trap yet, and with luck you would not have to even approach Moria.

And if you did, they might not have awoken a Balrog. It might just be orcs.

Suddenly you felt a hand your shoulder.

"Are you Okay?" Legolas asked you.

You nod quickly.

"Come on, there's going to a great view at the end of this ledge," He smiled.

Grabbing your hand, he races forward with you.

You feel your cheeks heat up at his touch, though he didn't notice.

Suddenly, through the falling snow, you saw the horizon. It was a breathtaking view.

Legolas didn't let go of your hand, and you didn't try to take it back.

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