Talking With a Friend

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-45 minutes later-

we arrived at my cave and i led Lauren inside and showed her around to the back of the cave i then proceded tosit her down on one of my wolfskin rugs.

"so Fang?" asked Lauren "do you live here by yourself or do you have family"

''i live solo like any good preditor would" i said winking a her

"man your luckey i am stuck with my sister all the time but you make your own rules no-one to tell you what to do or who to be" she said starring up at the stars through the small whole in the top of the cave.

i swallowed "whats wrong" she asked

"well" i said "i wasnt always a solo runner my parents were killed by a pack of wolves most of which you are sitting on now i vowed to my father as he died in the snow to avenge his death and so far i have been doing just that."

"thats terrible" said Lauren horrified

"thats only one of my secrets what else do you want to know" i asked inquisativly

"ok"she said taking a deep breath "why was your arm bloody when you came back into class?"

"the reason it was bloody was because i just let my old blood rise up to high nd because someone left a note in my locker that worried me a whole lot"i responded laying back on the wolf rug

"old blood? what do you mean by old blood?" she aked rolling over to her stomach to look at me

"listin this is a secret that i have never told anyone before so i am sorry if my voice cracks a little.and you had better take this secret to the grave.

Lauren noded vigorously

"ok im a... ima..... im a ....................were wolf" i musterd out finaly

"listen i told you to tell me the whole truth why are you lieing again" she asked looking skepticle

"i'm not lieing watch" i said as i stood up

i took off my shirt

"what the hell are you doing" asked Lauren covering her eyes

"listen that is like the only shirt i have and if i rip it i am going to have to steel a new one before i can go to school next week now if you will just be quite this takes a lot of my consentration" i stared up at the full moon wile feeling the scar of my bite burn my blood began to boil and i began to sprout ears, my k-9s grew larger, my tail started sprouting, my legs began to shrink, my fingernails became thicker and turned jet black, and my hair grew longer as all these changes happend i began to lose controle of my body my vision went fuzzy and the next thing i knew i wasback in my human form and the fire was extinguished and my cave was trashed and i saw Lauren huddled in a corner crying. i rushed over to her and i saw that her shoulder was dripping blood "oh my god Lauren what happend are you ok?" i asked lifting up her head

"" she whimpered and she removed her fingers from her shoulder to reaveal a bite that looked just like my scar on my side

"what have i done"

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