Part 2 Chapter 13: The Cave

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"Oh! He wants us to find those fairies! And I'm wearing the same clothes I was wearing when I saw them in The Mirrors!"

"Hmm yeah, my clothes!" Chase grinned. "Maybe. I d'know... I guess we'll soon find out. He can't come out this far unless Prelli is with him... and she was really busy with I d'know, c'mon, race yer to that rock."  

Once they ventured further into the mountains they soon found a narrow passageway that led through into a canyon. It was huge. There were hundreds of caves. They passed every single one of them.  

"We have to choose one soon. We've been riding for hours," groaned Amy, "and you promised we'd stop ages ago. Is that ring doing anything now?"  


She stood in the stirrups stretching her legs. Chase was leading. He turned round in the saddle and grinned at her.  

"Bum sore?"  

"No–just–oh you know!"  

"Yer need the loo again?"  

"No! How about the next cave? How about that one there?" Amy stabbed her finger at a small opening. "Or that one up there, yes, that one up there looks nice... for a cave."  

"Nooo... none of them look as if anyone's ever set foot inside, let alone some weird old Mapmaker livin' in it since time began. Kish said I'd feel which one it was."  

"Well hurry up and feel one then!"  

Chase turned and grinned again. Raising one eyebrow said, "Oho, there's an offer! Can I take a rain check on that, y'know, until yer've a bit–"  

"Rude boy!"  

A little later they entered what appeared to be an even larger canyon. 

"So I guess this is The Great Canyon," said Chase stopping to admire the spiralling landscape. There was a breath taking view. 

"I suppose it could be... or perhaps we're lost." 

"No we're not lost, c'mon, let's make our way down there." 

The overhang from the cliff offered some shade from the suns. They'd nearly cantered halfway down a dusty slope when Chase heard a whistling sound coming from a small cave to his right almost hidden by a landslide. He reined in and turned his keppet, listening, and then saw a curl of blue smoke drifting up from a gash in the rock face high above the cliff. 

"That's the one." He nodded towards it as he swung his leg over the front of the saddle and slipped down his keppet's shoulder.  

"How do you know?"  

Chase pointed to the smoke, "Lucky guess? Come on; let's leave the keppets tied up here in the shade, there's loads of that purple fire bush they like."  

"Aren't we going to eat first?" asked Amy searching her saddlebags. "I'm starved!"  

"Later," said Chase doing the same. "Take the saddles off; give them a bit of a rest. Kish packed yer dad's torch and some coats in your saddlebags, we'll need them, it's gonna be cold and dark in there."  

"Yes. There's a trench coat for you, a bit big and..." Amy pulled the clothing from her saddlebag, "...and a little jacket thing for me, oh, it's quite nice. I wonder where it came from? Oh...Itally!"  

After a short climb to the entrance, then nearly half an hour of walking through the damp cave, with just the torch for light, they stopped and listened. Silence; nothing but their own breathing and the ever distance sound of dripping water.  

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