Chapter 3: Sleepover 


Keri and Rose came at exactly 5:00 with their bags. We threw them in my room and piled into my car and drove to the salon.

"Rose, no freaking out over Dahvie, alright?"

"I'll try"

''Keri, no freaking out over celeberties alright?"

"I'll try"

"Good" I said as I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car.

We got out and walked inside. I walked over to Dahvie while they went to go sit down at the chairs.

"Hey Dahvie"

"Hey Legacy, how was school? Did you get into any trouble?"

"Yes" I mumbled, looking at the floor, the words she said still stinging my mind.


"It was for a good reason!" I insisted.

"That reason was?" He said, arms crossed over his chest.

"Brittany" I said.

"Ohhh what have I told you. Bitches get stitches and sluts get guts" He said with a smile.

"Nice one" I said sarcastically to Dahvie with a smile.

"I try. Now, why?"

"She said shit about you. She called you ugly and a stupid fag and I went ballistic."

"Ooooh well just remember, ignore people like that."

"I know, I try its just. Hard. I love you Dahvie" I said giving him a hug, tears rolling down my face.

"I love you to Legacy." He said returning the hug and then staring into my face. "Now wipe those tears away" He said, wiping the tears off my cheeks. "And remember. Bitches get stitches, they end up in ditches so get the riches." He said with a smile.

"Fuck you Vanity" I said with a smile, flipping him off.

"Love you to Torres" he said as I walked around the corner to my friends.

"Ok Rose, what do you want?"

"I want you to cut my hair into a bob and-"

"Wait. A bob?"

"Yes and I want you to remove the green streaks and put blonde highlights in my bangs."

"Alright" I said, grabbing the scissors and wetting her hair. 

I grabbed the first strand and snipped it off, flinching in the process. I kept snipping until it was short. I then grabbed the brown dye and dyed the green strands brown. Once her whole hair was brown I grabbed the blonde dye and grabbed pieces of her bangs and started making them blonde. Once I was done she lookd beautiful. (Picture of Rose on the side --------------------->)



"Good. If you cut your hair I would have to kill you."

"Haha" She said as I heard someone come into the salon.

"LEGACY" Dahvie called.

"I'll be right back ladies" I said as I came around the corner to find the one and only.

Andy Biersack.

"Yes Dahvie"

"Can you do Andy's hair?"

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