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So these are actual kinda basic... but let's just do it!

#1 // Use highlighters

So basically this is kinda really easy to do. Also, highlight the "correct" way because honestly I would just highlight everything which is bad. Highlight key concepts, words, and ideas. This will make is soooo much easier when studying.

#2 // Index Cards

Index cards are like my best way to study and honestly it works so well... If you don't have index cards just use Quizlet(

#3 // Study With A Friend

This is always helpful and fun. However, just make sure yall dont get too distracted

#4 // Monthly Calendar

It is usually always helpful to plan out your whole month beforehand. Also, when you have dates to add, just add them in. This helps you see a visual in how much you need to study for that test.


Alright that is it for today, hopefully these made sense. Tell me in the comment below how well they worked out for you!


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