Chapter 12 - Reason

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Third Person's POV

Calum blinked his eyes open, the cold air nipping his thigh that is uncovered by the thick comfortable blanket. It feels numb and he moved it a little.

Aside from the numbness on his thigh, due to the cold weather, Calum can feel another numbness on his wrist. Something heavy is laying on top of his hand and its preventing the blood flow slightly making it quite numb.

Hr turned to his left and tried to pull his arm but the thing on top of it is so heavy. He rubbed his eyes with right hand and opened his eyes. Is he still sleeping? Is he double dreaming?

Luke can't be sleeping beside him, Luke and him is still on an argument. He can't be sleeping beside him. But the dream feels too good to be just a dream. It feels real.

He pulled his arm forcefully and he got it out under Luke's side. The blonde felt something underneath him moved and he snapped his eyes open, seeing Calum massaging his wrist and twisting it a little before shaking it hard.

'Good morning sweets.'

Calum snapped his eyes towards Luke. 'Uh hi?' Calum said and Luke chuckled before saying. 'Am I not gonna receive a "good morning too"?' Luke said and Calum furrowed his eyebrows.

'This is just a dream. I don't really know if I should.' Calum said and Luke is the one who furrowed his eyebrows now. 'What are you saying?' Luke said and looked directly into Calum's eyes, seeing confusion and questions.

'Oh I get it. You thought this is just a dream huh?' Luke said before giving Calum one of his nice good morning smile. 'This is not a dream?'

'Yeah, why do you think that this is just a dream?' Luke asked. 'Aren't we still mad at each other? Like we fought and uh you are mad at me and I'm mad at you?' Calum said still confused.

'Do you really forgot about what I said last night?' Luke laughed and turned on his back.

'What you said? What?' Calum asked and Luke laughed. 'We made up last night right? And I said that we should t-try a special relationship out.' Luke said and Calum didn't miss the stutter as Luke's cheek was suddenly coated with a tint of pink.

Calum suddenly remembered last night and he can feel a smile stretching out on his lips, he ignored the pain on his lips as it slightly tears apart because his lips were dry and chapped.

'I remembered now.' Calum said and the blush on luke's cheeks gets darker.

'Thank you, you know, for giving me a chance.' Calum said before saying 'good morning.' And sitting up and stretching out.

'You have classes today?' Luke asked and Calum nodded before getting up and started picking out clothes that he will use for school. Before he go to the bathroom, he put his home works on his bag first so he will just carry it down when he's about to leave.

'Okay, I'll make you breakfast. Hot choco?' Luke asked as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. Which Calum found extremely hot.

(If you could imagine this, Like the sunlight from the window shining down on him and he's wearing a white shirt and a blanket is covering his bottom and he's smiling while rubbing his eyes.)

Calum nodded and smiled before entering the bathroom and started taking a bath.

Luke got up and walked to the other bathroom before washing up and went down the stairs to start Calum's and his breakfast.

'Alright alright, what would Calum want for a cold winter morning?' Luke asked and he started boiling water. He put coffee on a mug and hot chocolate on the other.

He started making waffles that Calum likes. Especially when its drenched on chocolate syrup and strawberries. He likes it like he likes his pancakes.

He also made toasts and put the hot water on the mugs, the sweet and delicious aroma of black coffee and hot chocolate filling the air.

'Hey bear.' Luke said as Calum entered the room, who quickly ran to the hot chocolate that is waiting for him in the kitchen counter.

He took a sip and he didn't mind the burn on his tongue cause the sweet and delicious taste of hot chocolate filled his taste buds.

They finished breakfast, talking about many things especially school and work. Calum looked at the clock and sighed before standing up and grabbing his plate and put it on the sink before grabbing his bag on the chair beside him.

'I have to go now. Thank you for the delicious breakfast. I'll bring you some cake from the coffee shop near the school.' Calum said before walking to the door.

'You're welcome. I'll see you later.' Luke said and Calum nodded before opening the door but he can feel something inside him prevented him from doing it. He doesn't know what it is but he feels like he forgot something to do.

He turned back to Luke and saw the boy stating directly at him. Calum swallowed as Luke walked closer to him. The boy wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him to a hug. Which he returned right away with a happy smile.

'I'll see you later beautiful.' Luke said and Calum smiled at him. 'I'll see you.' Calum said before exiting the house with a smile, feeling his day is already completed and every task he needs to do is already full filled.


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“he is the reason why I'm happy today, and I hope he will not be the one who will put that happiness away.”



This is short but I'm building up events for the main show

~ Anne.

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