An Unexpected Meeting Part 28

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All right! Here it is for those who asked.

28th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Reids POV...

Walking into that hospital room to spend more time with sarah and finding the room bare of everything including her damn near ripped my heart in two.

I had finally come to terms with accepting the kid as a part of my life and also having everyone else accept me as a part of her life wasn't easy either.

She was my life.

Finding out that she was the young woman I had inadvertently taken home that night from the club after waking up the next morning had me both feeling terrified along with feeling as if it was meant to be. It felt right.

But hell. The kid was my sons friend. His best friend at that and I couldn't come between them and damage that friend that has been lasting as long as it has.

I can remember when they first started knocking about together after Jack came home after some kids had roughed him up at school. It was the pretty little blonde who stepped in and saved him and doing a good job of it from what the boy had said.

I was feeling very curious about who this kid was that stepped in and gave a couple of other boys a licking from what jack said.

Then I met the little savage.

The kid was feral. Wild and savage and she looked like it. She was barefoot and dressed in these ragged bib overalls while holding a stick for a fishing rod and too be honest, I laughed when I saw it wondering what she could possibly catch with it.

I didn't notice the three fish, good sized ones, that were laying at her feet until she picked them up and ran over and held them out to me. That's when I realised that the kid could fish.

Pretty darn good too.

I can't remember the times when we didn't have fish for dinner that hadn't been caught.

But the kids was still wild and feral and I was worried that she would persuade Jack to be like her.

But i needn't have worried. jack was always going to be Jack.

I never knew how much like me he was until I stood before him when he realised that the baby that Sarah was carrying was fathered by me and the right hook he laid on me proved it.

But I will never forget the look on his face when he realised that the baby that was growing in his friends belly was actually his younger sibling.

I also will never forget the look on Sarah's face when I saw Jack slap her like he did.

It was in that moment that I saw the friendship that had held strong for so many years distintergrate with that slap. The look on her face that was full of a pain that wasn't just a physical one will always be in my memory.

Then with a last look at the both of us, she walked away.

That was the last time that either Jack or myself ever saw her again as she was walking away from us both.

Then Jack went to town on me and I deserved it. All of it.

It wasn't until later after coming back from speaking to her father about our business relationship and now that his daughter and I were going to get married, I felt that our business should be done a different way.

One that wouldn't cause a conflict with both our families or our businesses.

I had actually thought that the meeting I had with him went well. He closed the door as I left with a smile.

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