Mami was in her room.

That was all that Tomomi could really think about at the moment, she was still trying to process what was happening. Mami was really in her room, except she was acting really different right now. She looked like Mami and she sounded like Mami, but she wasn’t acting like her. The usually bold and confident girl was curled up against the wall, her body shaking as the water dripped from the matted and tangled hair that stuck to her face. Tomomi couldn’t even see Mami’s face and it had been that way since Mami came tapping at her window.

Tomomi had no idea what was going on and she had no idea how to react to it. She had been innocently washing dishes when she heard something loud bang against the kitchen window. Against her better judgment, Tomomi had approached the window, peering outside only to see that Mami was the one knocking on the window. Tomomi was quick to drop what she had been doing to rush outside and pull Mami into the house. She didn’t even think twice about it. When she saw Mami out in that storm, the only thing she could think about was getting her out of it.

She hadn’t even thought about her parents until after Mami was already in the kitchen, slumped against the counter with her breathing heavy and her body shaking. Only after she heard her parents’ voices in the living room did she remember they were home and she had just pulled Mami into her house. It was practically ruining everything she’d been working for over the last two days.

When Tomomi had left the principal’s office on Thursday, he had failed to let Tomomi know that her parents would be informed about the fight. She only found out about that when her parents came home and started in on her. It had sent her into a nearly panicked state. Her parents were going on and on about how Tomomi might need more supervision and meanwhile, she was hiding the cause of that fight in her room. Things like that just didn’t mix very well. Tomomi was terrified that her parents would surprise her by checking up on her and catch Rina. But the brunette had gotten a lucky break, her parents never checked up on her once that night.

But Tomomi wasn’t so sure that she could get that lucky again.

“I think we should get you a change of clothes,” Tomomi said, finally breaking her thoughts and returning to reality. From where she sat curled into a ball, Mami only nodded. The brunette could only let out a soft sigh as she walked over to her closest to look for some clothes that Mami could fit into. This was more than just slightly awkward for Tomomi.

Tomomi didn’t know why Mami was here or why she was wandering around in a storm, but the brunette fully intended to figure that out. Mami and the others did a lot of dangerous things, but she couldn’t think of any reason why any of them would be out in a storm like this. The rain had started off a small drizzle but it quickly turned into a downpour fully equipped with thunder, something Tomomi hated with a passion.

“I think these should fit,” Tomomi said as she pulled out the articles of clothing. Tomomi had pulled out a simple black t-shirt with matching black pajama bottoms. It would be good enough so they could get Mami out of her soaked clothes, she could always change back once they dried.

Tomomi twirled around, walking back over to Mami. She grabbed the towel that was laid over the back of her desk chair. She’d used it to dry her hair this morning but it should still be good for Mami to use to dry her own hair.

“Here.” Tomomi stretched out the towel to Mami. She noticed the blonde look up at her through a parting in the matted locks. The blonde slowly reached out a hand, grabbing the towel from Tomomi.

“Thank you,” she murmured. That was the first time Tomomi had ever heard Mami speak so lowly and soft. It kind of made her scared to hear, it made it sound like things were a lot worse than Tomomi had originally thought. Tomomi had to wonder just what could have happened to Mami to turn her into this.

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