day 172

78 20 28

my heart was right;

                               she does feel the same way
like a siren she lured me with her song

it's never tiring to take all of her in

             i can compare her to a thousand suns
and the ever changing watercolor hues of the sky

with her
i can jump and spread my wings out to fly

            she's a freefall

she's been better the whole time
laughing at my bad jokes, smiling
                            the tides have shifted for us 
i can hold on

there's this halloween bash at this kid from school's house
ashton, calum and michael have been blabbing about it for the past two weeks at lunch
they've been urging me to go 
and two weeks ago i said they should go without me
but they kept on asking still 
yesterday i agreed begrudgingly and they cheered 
the meet up was at michael's so that we can dress up with a theme and go together
but i told them i'd rather head alone

i got raised eyebrows and wolfish smirks 
i tried to act nonchalant but i wasn't great at it
I  just shrugged
they told me they wanted to meet her
i smiled thinking of her that instant
"use protection" michael teased. sly little bastard

we found matching angel costumes- i managed to coax her to come with me 
she rolled her eyes the first time i asked
"parties are stupid" she said

i was just happy that tonight we were someplace other than the playground
not that i mind- being with her equalled to my happiness no matter what

i held her hand as we walked towards the party,her palms unnaturally cold
i tried catching her eye but kept her gaze down the whole time
i started wondering if this was even a good idea
i kissed her forehead once we were there, told her that we can go back if she didn't want to be doing this
but she smiled that favorite smile of mine and told her we should go on
i grinned in relief

i never should have made her wait amidst the crowd of costume clad people in the hallway
when i went to look for my bestfriends and got drinks
because when i came back,
she wasn't there
i looked for her the whole night,
but she was nowhere to be found

       like she vanished into thin air

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