day 47

99 28 19

i've noticed,

no one ever comes to this place
not once did i see a kid go out here to play
it's been deserted since i first came here

except stacy and i

i've started talking to stacy

i guess we've gotten friendly
i don't know why or how it began,
but it was a conversation about death cab for cutie;
it was her favorite band as well 
we had a shared liking for fall out boy, mayday parade, all time low, blink 182 and nirvana
i found out that she dropped out of school
that she tried running away when she was twelve
that she tried learning to play the guitar before but really sucked at it
that she'd want to become a writer someday
i learned all of those things about her
and each day i keep learning more

detached from everything was what i was
i've made a mess and possibly ruined everything
nightmares haunted my future
but none of that mattered in this shared place of ours,
a bubble away from all the broken pieces

pathetically i revel in her

but i see through her broken armor,
the shattered glass and the faded light in her eyes 
the tidal wave waiting to  crash

i have to figure out what's wrong,
grab her hand and stop her from jumping;

i hope it's not too late

currently obsessed with 'boyz n poizn' by phoebe ryan (when i first listened to it, i swear i thought it was melanie martinez sHOOK) she makes catchy music, just saying

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