the voice belonged to a girl

i found out her name was stacy
i asked her what she meant by what she said; the ghost of a smirk her only response
she had chocolate brown eyes mostly covered by her fringe
she had long brown hair always worn down and pale white skin

she wasn't really the kind of girl you'd give a double take- or a triple, or the kind you'd stare at

she was boldly plain

i don't really pay that much attention to her
my attention was barely on anyone or anything now
being around people or even my best friends felt like such a chore

interaction took up so much energy 
im a ghost that everyone could see, one they liked to hover above
if anything, my mind's on a constant loop on the thought of death

i seem to have formed a routine somehow

the playground has been my hideout, the one place i go to after school
i'd just sit on the swing for hours end blasting music from my earbuds
watch the sky change colors or let sleep take me away 
being alone was the best sort of peace i could get now
-except i wasn't entirely by myself

stacy claimed the playground hers as well
she's always there
sitting on the other swing
either reading or drawing in her sketchbook or cloud-watch 
other than that she keeps to herself 
sometimes i'd say hi to her and she'd say hello back or a smirk. that was it

i didn't mind 
i wasn't really here to find a confidante 

and maybe she was here for a place to stay


fact abt me: halloween is my fav season next to christmas 

halsey and ash looked so good in their halloween costumes (if you've seen their pic then yknow what im talking about) 

stay safe trick or treatin' (dont play w a ouija board lmao)

oh btw i attached a pic of crystal reed a.k.a stacy 

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