nothing's changed

everyone still treats me as if im a ticking time bomb,
a hand grenade that's gonna explode anytime soon

im sick of it
i can't focus
                       i don't want to go on

i ditched fourth period and headed out the parking lot
i couldn't go home; dad was there
and i didn't really want to see him
he can't even look at me
all he does is stare out the window sat on his favorite chair, as if he's waiting for her to come back
it breaks my heart to see him like that

i had nowhere to go 
i just wanted to stop in the middle of the road,wait for a car to slam over me 
so i can shut my eyes permanently
but for now i didn't
i let my feet take me wherever they would

and i ended up walking on gravel
somehow i made it in the playground, though i didn't mind
swinging higher with the wind
my eyes tilted towards the blue sky, so blue
i adore it in its beauty,the purity it has that humanity lacks
my eyes shut awaiting slumber

"and when you look at it, it's not so bad at all"

i snap my eyes open

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