To Be Independent Part 27

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28th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

As I mentioned earlier, five years has passed since I woke up and had the Kingsley's move me to somewhere else.

Every now and again, The Judge would bring me letters from the others and she woul read them out to me.

One of the other side effects of this damn ABI was that I couldn't read sentences. I can manage a word here or there, but to actually read was a chore if it was written on paper like those letters were.

It really puzzled me for quite a while since I could actually read from the laptop screen and not from the paper.

On paper, everything swam all into each other much like it does with those who have dyslexia. It didn't mean you weren't a smart person. It just mean that your brain was reading it differently.

So, once it was found that I couldn't read paper letters or cards, everything would be written into an email and I would be able to read them that way, even if they were a little slow to read.

It had something to do with resolution pixels or some such thing. It was how my brain interpreted the signals on the paper or screen and translated them for me.

But I managed it. Plus it was progress.

I can remember the first time that I wanted to go outside and do a little bit of gardening. No one would let me or help me except one person. Brian.

Brian became my co conspiritor and smuggle me out and about. He knew how it felt and he could see that I really wanted to be out there.

So he pre organised an area where we could do a little gardening and placed blankets down on the area for me to lay on and reach. It didn't take much for me to learn how to do some planting and weeding when I was stretched out on my belly doing it.

I think I fell in love a little with Brian over that.

But that was my little secret.

When Jess found out what he did, she was fit to be tied. But since I was her boss, I over ruled her objections and did want I wanted.

She laughed at me over it and said that if I can get myself out into the gardens, then I can garden to my hearts content.

I called her a bitch. But she just smiled and walked away from me.

So there I was being determined to get back outside all on my own without any help from Brian. Jess had him under watch and he wasn't going to go against the 'little lady' he was married to.

It came down to where he liked sleeping. With her or in the dog house. He chose her muttering about the bed being more comfortable than the lounge or some such thing.

I found out later they had deliberately worked together to get me outside the first time, then acted up so that I would be more determined to do it after that all on my own.

Progress, they said takes motivation and comes in all sorts of ways.

They chose this way for me. And it worked.

It took me nearly a week of temper tantrums with myself and steely determination along with a few different body movements I had to learn and then wham! I was wheeling myself outside.

It wasn't until I had gotten myself on the ground that I realised that I didn't know how to get myself back up again and onto my chair. Stupid chair.

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