Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Perrie's POV:

I knew we were in the hospital. I just needed to do it. After making Jade moan my name she had finally come down from her high. I was smiling at myself, being very pleased at what I had done.

"You always know how I like it" Jade said panting on my chest. I just slightly giggled at her because I knew what effect I had on her.

"I need to return the favor" Jade said against my chest.

"No you don't. Lets just leave it until I recover a bit ok babe" I say while twirling Jades hair in my fingers.

"I will wait until you want to" she said while sitting up. I looked at her as if to ask her where she's going.

"Calm down, I'm just repositioning myself" she said smiling down at me. It was so hard to resist her when she always looks as cute as she does. She wriggled herself up more and laid back down slightly higher then me. I looked up at her as I heard her cute giggle escape her mouth.

"What are you giggling at" I asked still looking at her.

"I just find it funny how before you were looking at me like you didn't want me to leave when obviously I wouldn't" she said while stroking my cheek with her thumb. I couldn't help but smile at her touch.

"I never want you to leave me" I said.

"I will never EVER leave you Perrie Louise Edwards" she said leaning down and connecting our lips. I smiled against her lips. I loved having her soft lips on mine. Everything about our relationship seemed so right. Our lips disconnected as Jade pulled me closer to her slowly. I nuzzled my head under her neck getting as close as I could. I wrapped my arm around her waist as she did to me. I loved how gentle she was trying to be with me. I felt so safe with her, like no one could touch me. Jade was my shield and she was all I needed. As long as I had my girlfriend we could do anything together.

"Goodnight my beautiful girl" I said kissing Jades collarbone.

"Goodnight gorgeous" she said planting a kiss to the top of my head. I fell into one of the most amazing sleeps I have ever had.


The next morning I woke up to someone playing with my hair. How does Jade always wake up before me. Just once I want to wake up before her so I could do something cute to her. I started kissing her collarbones causing her to giggle.

"Well goodmorning to you to" she said. I smiled against her skin. Her voice was so magical. Just hearing it makes me happy.

"Goodmorning Jadey" I say gently stretching so I don't hurt myself.

"Don't I get a morning kiss this morning?" she asked me. I just giggled at her and shook my head like a four year old.

"Fine" she said getting up. I quickly grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her back. I brought my hand up and stroked her face.

"I love you" I said looking into her amazing brown eyes.

"I love you too" she said connecting our lips together.

"God you two never get off each other do you" I hear Jesy say in her Australian accent.

"JESY!" I squealed.

"LEIGH!" I squealed again seeing Leigh come through the door.

"Hey Pez!" they both said at the same time coming to hug me.

"Be gentle, she's fragile" Jade said. I smiled at my girlfriend saying thank you. Jesy and Leigh bent down to hug me ever so gently.

"So when can you go home?" Leigh asked.

"Ugh, anytime today I think" I said.

"I'll go get the nurse" Jade said while getting off my bed. I started to panic. Jade must have noticed because she was starring at me.

"I'll only be down the hall. I'll be back in 2 minutes. Jesy and Leigh are here" she said while kissing my lips gently. I nodded uneasily. With that she was out of the room. My whole body started to shake as I panicked thinking about Sam walking in and taking me away again. I started crying. Jesy and Leigh ran over to me and tried to calm me down. It wasn't working. The only person who could calm me down right now was Jade. The tears were now streaming down my face as my whole body was shaking.

"Perrie please calm down. We are here" Jesy said.

"JADE" I screamed out. It reminded me of the day I was taken. How I tried to scream out her name but I couldn't. My breathing became heavier.

"Perrie" I heard her say. She came running through the door.

"Baby what's happened?" she asked me.

"Y-You w-were g-gone and I-I f-freaked out-t" I said calming down at her touch.

"I'm so sorry. I won't leave you again" she said cuddling me. My whole body relaxed with her by my side.

"Why was she like that Jade" Jesy asked.

"You remember the day she was taken. Ever since then she's scared I'm going to leave her. I know she feels safe around me. I thought she would around you two as well but I guess I'm just special" I could hear the smirk in her voice when she said that.

"Yeah, you most certainly are" I mumbled against her chest.

"Oh I see" Jesy said. A couple of seconds later a nurse walked in.

"Hello Perrie, I'll just check up on everything but you're good to go afterwards" she said walking over to my bed. Jade got off my bed too but laced our hands together instantly. The nurse just checked to see how my bruises were. Once she lifted up my shirt to reveal the ones on my stomach I heard Jesy and Leigh gasp. Jade squeezed my hand reassuringly. The nurse pulled my shirt back down and smiled.

"Your bruises seem to be healing fast! You're free to go now Perrie" she said grabbing her clip board.

"Thank you" I say smiling back. She nodded her head and walked out the door.

"I didn't know he hurt you that bad!" Leigh said coming over to me. I saw Jesy nod.

"C'mon let's get you home" Jade said smirking. God she was such a tease. She threw me a change of clothes and I reluctantly went into the bathroom by myself. Jade had finished packing up all my stuff and laced her fingers in mine as we made our way out of the hospital. There were paparazzi everywhere. I knew how afraid Jade was of them.

"Right, Leigh and Jesy do you best to go in front of us and shield Perrie" Jade said to them before turning around and facing me.

"Pull up your hoodie buba" she said while doing it for me. Once she was done she kissed my nose. It made me giggle.

"Keep your head down. I'll guide you out" she said wrapping her arm around my waist gently.

"But Jade you hate paparazzi" I say.

"Yes but I will do anything to protect you" she said as we started walking out the door. The cameras went off as questions were being thrown from everywhere. I ignored them all and just buried myself in Jade. Luckily the car was close because I couldn't deal with it much longer. Jade climbed in after me and pulled me close.

"Did they hurt you?" she asked. I shook my head and I rested it on her shoulder.

"Good, now let's go home" she said while cuddling me close.

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