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After me and Kyle became official yesterday I decided I needed a girls day. So I texted Vivian.

'Sup! Girls day? Me you Emma and Jaclyn?!?'

After about five minutes she replied,

'Hell yeah! I'll tell the others. Where will we meet? Coffee shop? Okay.'

I texted back a simple 'okay' and went to shower. After showering I put on a pair or denim shorts and a white cardigan with a black tank top. Then I slipped on a pair of black Converse.

As I was waiting for the time to meet the girls I got a different text from 'Kyle;)'.

'Hey beautiful, what's your plans for today?'

While smiling I texted back,

'Sorry girls day, How about tomorrow? Movies at my place?;)'

After getting the text from Vivi, as I was walking to the car I got a text back from Kyle.

'Sounds great! ;) can't wait. See you then ;) XOXO'


When I got to the coffee shop I went right in and ordered. It was this kinda pretty girl at the counter with red-ish hair.

She looked completely bored, "Welcome, what would you like? Oh wait... Your that girl Kyle's dating right?"

I blushed, "Yes I am. Why?"

She smirked ad said, "Because me and him use to go out. He's a real sweetie but couldn't fill my needs."

Ahh. So she must be a slut. Greaatt.

"Oh, well I think he's great."

With that I walked away with my black medium coffee. I sat down next to Emma.

"Omg! Ainsley! Who's Kyle!", Emma was the first to question me.

"Me and him are.... boyfriend and girlfriend."

The table erupted with squeals.

Vivi shouted to me, "Omg! He was totes adorb!!"

"Oh shut up Vivi. He's reallyyyy sweet."

Jaclyn giggled, "Awwee! Ainsley's got a boyfriend! Aunsleys got a boyfriend!"

Just then Kyle walked behind her and said, "Oh so I've got some competition?"

"Hey Kyle." I smiled at him and went to hug him.

"So Kyle. You gonna make me have to cut your family Jewels off?"

Kyle blushed, so cute, " I think I'll be fine." he leaned over and kissed the top of my head.

Emma looked a little mad, "Well get out of here! Its a girl day!!"

Kyle smiled and said, "Okay I'll leave you guys alone."

He hugged me and pecked me on the lips before walking over to order.

Me and the girls got up and Jaclyn yelled, "GIRLS DAYY!!!"

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