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Today. I have to do it. Why. I walk to school. Knowing what I'm doing. Sorta. Hoping that he's not here. But I see him run to me. No. just go. But a part of me wants him to stay. And hug me.

I looked down. He tried to hug me. I push him back. "Max"he asked. I looked away. "Are you ok"he put his hands on my shoulders. I took them off. "Dude what's wrong "he asked. I looked down.

"Max"he put his hands on my cheeks. Why. I feel like crying. I grabbed his hands and put them down. "Adam"I said. "Stop touching me"I said. He nodded. "Ok. But what's wrong"he asked.

"Just go"I said. "No. I'm your friend "he said. "A friend. You been hanging out with me for three days. That's not a friend. Even if you are. You aren't a good one"I yelled. People started to stare "max"he whispered. "No. I'm done. Stay away from me"I said.

"What did I do"he asked. "You make me so confused. You liked me. Hated me. And then you kissed me. After I stood up for you. Yeah good gift in return. "I said.

"It's not my fault you get into trouble "he yelled. "It is. It was your so called friend. Tyler. "I yelled. "You just hate him for no reason"he yelled.

"I hate you"I yelled. He looked at me. "I hate you so much. Stay away. Ok"I said. He walked closer to me and kissed me. I kissed back only for a second. Then pushed him back.

"Stop"I yelled. He looked down. "I love you. And you can't stop it. "He said. "Whatever "I said walking off. I saw Tyler. He nodded. I flipped him off. (Yea. I added that. I wanted to).

I ran to that building Adam first hugged me. I sat down and cried.

"I'M SUCH AN IDIOT "I yell. I want people to hear me. I want Adam to hear me. I want the world to hear me.

I'm a idiot.

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