I Didn't Know I Was A Lesbian Until I Met The New Girl ~7~

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i peak around the corner, where the hell is Missy, i thought to myself. i didn't see her so i rushed to my locker. i quickly went to my locker and put my combo in i was swinging the door open when something tumbled out and fell on my head. i groaned inwardly and picked the box up. It was the sneakerrs Missy had bought for me. i couldnt help but smile.

"So you'll keep them then?" i heard Missys hopefull voice behind me and my heart fluttered before falling to my stomach. i put a scowl on my face and turned to her.

"No." i said monotone and and emotionlessly as i pushed the box into her hands. She looked hurt and my heart broke.

"Ok then." She said slowly and walked away. i finished getting my things together and headed off to class. Missy was in my first period class and i sat just behnd her, the row over. i walked in the room, head down, avoiding eye contact. i sat down and busied myself, 'taking notes', well more like doodling nonsense on my note book. i did it all through class i couldnt concentrate. i could only think about Missy, i was like some kind of freaking obsessive stalker or something. i shook her from my though and looked down at my note book, her name was scribbled all over it. Angrily i pulled the paper out and crumpled it up before throwing it in the trash. The bell rand indicating to switch periods. Classes dragged by, agonizingly slow. i hated mondays. Finally lunch came and i almost ran there. i didn't want to admit it, but i wanted to see Missy. i sat with my brother and his friends like i usually did and found myself scanning the crowd, when i didnt see her i put my head down in my folded arms, i felt an arm snake around my shoulders and for a split second i thought it was Missy, until i realized there was no tingling sensation where skin met skin. i looked up and saw Jordan smiling down at me.

"Oh, hey Jordan."

"Why the long face?"

"No reason." i said and smiled weakly. Just then out of the corner of my eye i saw Missy, she smiled when she spotted me and walked over. Shit. i had wanted to see her but i didnt want her to see me! She walked over to me and i wanted nothing more then to reach out and touch her. Jordan must have sensed my body tense because he pulled me closer.

"Hi Cody!" She called out in her song like voice, i loved the way she said my name. i fixed my face into the boredest expression i could muster and looked over at her.

"Hey." i said and looked away again, she sat beside me.

"Are you alright?"

"Fine, thanks." Just go away! i screamed in my head. Jordan pulled me closer still so our bodies where touching now. i put my head in his chest and just wanted to cry.

"i-Is this y-your b-boyfriend?" Missy askd stuttering and looking down as a blush crept into her cheeks.

"Uh...yea." i said and Jordan looked at me in shock. She plastered on a weak smile and nodded at Jordan while standing up.

"Nice meetng you." She said before rushing away.

"What was all that about?" Jordan asked his face a mask of confusion.


"Am i really your boyfriend?" He asked with his eyebrow raised.

"Why not." i said absentmindedly and shrugged my mind only on one thing.

The bell rang and i trudged to my next class with my head down.


Practice was hard like always, but fun. i avoided Missy, and she didn't try to talk to me, and i was thankful for that, i didnt like being mean or dismissive to her, it hurt me to see the hurt in her face.

"Ok girls, good practice, remember the first game is Friday, now pack it in and hit the showers." The coach shouted to us. i stuffed all my equipment into my bag and headed for the showers. i put all my things away and slowly stripped my clothes off i had tripped during practice and fell on my back, it was killing me. Most of the girls where done and i wrapped a towel around me and went to the nearest shower.

There was Missy. She was leaning back rinsing shampoo out of her hair. Her breasts jutting forward water pouring over her body. My mind went blank and I couldnt move I was just standing there staring at her.

"What are you a fucking lez?" I heard an annoying voice say from behind me. Missy hears it to and her eyes snapped open and she looked me dead in the eye. I saw surprise, shock, understanding, and the a smug smile spead across her face. I turned quickly to the see a blond girl sneering at me.

"No, I'm not, I uh, didnt mean to erm...see that.?" I said and ran to another shower pulling the curtain around me. I slid the floor and buried my face in my arms. That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. I cried tears of shame.

Knock. Knock.

I heard a knock on the tiled divider. It was Missy. She sat on the floor beside me. She had a small sad smile on her beautiful face.

"Its alright you know, your feelings, theres nothing wrong with them, or you." Missy said in a small voice

"I dont know what your talking about."

"Yes you do Cody, stop playing, I went through it when I first found out too."

"I dont know what your talkin about! Just leave me alone Missy, I dont want to talk to you I dont want to know you. I wish id never met you." I screeched and stomped off. She doesnt know anything, I thought to myself and silently cursed her as I dressed quickly. I ran to my car and made my way home. I needed to think.

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