The life of a parent

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Hiros POV

I groaned; "Julia, please just take a bite!" The four year old girl simply smiled at me, then shook her head violently; "No!" I slammed my head into the counter, letting out fake sobs; "This sucks!"

"Mommy, play truck?" I heard my three year old son Hidashi say. I turned in my seat; "You know I don't enjoy when you call me mommy, I'd prefer if you addressed me as-"

"Daddies home!"

I looked up, seeing my wonderful, wonderful husband come in. I leapt from my seat, running to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. He smiled down at me; "Aren't you anxious?" I nodded violently; "Not it!" And shoved him towards the counter.

"What?! No fair!" He complained, turning to our daughter; "Mommies being mean."

"So that's where they learned it!" I gasped, stomping over to him; "No more! I'm not mommy!" I complained. Julie looked up at me, then at Tadashi; "Why is mommy not mommy?"

I groaned in defeat; "I'm gonna take a shower." And before I could walk away, Tadashi leapt up and grabbed my arm; "I worked all day! I should shower first!" I yanked my arm from his, crossing it with my other arm. I store darts into his eyes, squinting them slightly. I heard Hidashi speak to Julie; "What's mommy and daddy doing?" She turned to the boy; "Telepathic speak."

"Ugh fine." Tadashi groaned, turning from me. I smiled, punching the air in victory; "I love you, you know that, right?" I kissed him gently. He smirked; "Maybe you can prove that to me tonight, hmm?"

"Dashi! Not in front of the kids..." I whispered the last part, turning to look at our oh so innocent children. Suddenly a harsh thought shot through my mind.

What if those two decide to take the path me and Dashi took?

I shook my head to rid the thought. They would never, their cute. Logic.

"Anyway, I'll be upstairs. See you later?" I asked, rubbing my husbands shoulder soothingly. He nodded slowly; "Oh course, how else would we do it?" I scolded him with my eyes; "Don't." He shrugged, looking away; "Don't what?"

"We'll talk about this later. Love you." I released his shoulder, approaching the stairs. I suddenly felt a tug, one I've grown accustomed to. I looked down; "Hidashi, go with daddy, okay?" He scrunched up his nose, but waddled off anyway.

I took a sigh of relief, usually their little monsters who won't part with me for the world. I walked up the stairs, entering the bathroom and starting the shower. I slowly slipped off my clothes, lightly pushing the door closed. I pulled back the curtain, slipping in. I immediately let out a sigh of sweet relief, this felt good.

After wetting myself down I fully, I began applying shampoo. Another thought invaded my mind.

If Julie and Hidashi got in a relationship, I'd feel disappointed. But why? Me and Dashi did it, so why would I not want my kids to do it as well? Wait... If mom and dad where alive, would they be disappointed in us?

I didn't like that thought at all.

"You got that look on your face again."

I turned abruptly, squealing in fear. I calmed down, realizing it was Tadashi naked beside me. I raised an eyebrow; "Where's the kids?" He frowned; "I'm naked with the you while we're alone, and he first thing you worry about is the kids!?" I nodded slowly; "Yup." And made the 'p' pop.

He rolled his eyes, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close; "Shall we?" I shoved him away gently; "No! We have a bed for that! Plus, it's a waist of water." I crossed my arms. He chuckled lightly, kissing my forehead; "It'd be fun..."

"You corrupt my eighteen year old mind. It's not healthy for me!" I whined. He smirked; "It's not a strain to your body, considering we barely find the time, plus, if you can pop out two children you can have sex in a shower."

"I can 'pop out two children', but I don't want 'to have sex in the shower', alright?"

He rolled his eyes, kissing my lips; "Fine, I'll just wait for you." He pulled at the curtain, stepping out. I waited till I didn't hear his footsteps my ore before I continued to cleanse myself.

I sighed loudly.

The life of a parent sucks!

A/N hope you liked the first chapter! I haven't been capable of writing lately, not because of writers block, but because 1 no wifi and 2 no iPad. It was a struggle to get this chapter squeezed in, and if I wasn't careful, it may of been my last! Anyway, don't forget to comment and vote!

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