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He wrapped his arms around her and started nuzzling her neck, she turned to face him and snuggled closer to him. Elissa couldn't believe it he was here in her bed! She slowly opened her eyes only to see her Taehyung plushie staring back at her.

Lissa kicked the sheets of with a groan as she woke up from her dream. That was thrice she'd dreamt of Malik and it was getting annoying.

My names Elissa Martins but I prefer to be called Lissa, I love BTS especially Taehyung he's my bae and My best friends are Mira Orton and Eve Atkins we're closer than close which reminded me...

I peeped at my secind side of the bed and saw Mira giving me the stink eye so fun fact Mira doesn't joke with sleep. She pounced on me which signaled a tickle war, it was about ten minutes later we realized we were late and started scrambling to get ready for school; I was more of a fashionista while Mira had a hipsterish whatever style while Eve rocked punk bad girl. I wore a gray shirt that had TAEHYUNG'S GIRL on it with washed jeans and a jacket while Mira wore a blue beanie with a black lace top and jeans.

We hurried downstairs where Eve was chilling in her car chatting on her phone. Eve was wearing a pink crop with BAE on it, black shorts and sneakers while her black and purple hair complimented the outfit.

To set things straight Mira had this humongous crush on this guy Ethan who obviously liked her too but shyness while Eve was with Austin. And me I had just gone through a rough break up with my boyfriend so this girl is single!

We drove to school, as we were going to class Tiffany stopped us Tiff was one of those girls that was tall, pretty, great ass and boobs which meant she was quite popular with boys.

"Guess what happened? "
I could guess a million things about what could happen to Tiffany and none were innocent.

"Ethan and I just finished a very STIMULATING conversation. "

I could feel Mira's face fall. Now before you hate on Tiff two things; She's kinda dense but i think she just acts that way on purpose to do dumb stuff and she's basically a public toilet. Everyone's been with her and of course she could be lying as usual. We walked past only to find Ari and Malik quite uhh... busy in the class they seperated and Ari bounced towards us. She was small and petite but had some bad parts like the fact she was a THOT or that hoe over there. She kept flaunting that Malik was her boyfriend and rubbed into everyone's face .

"Sorry guys! Sometimes Malik is just such a beast ya know? "

And for the remaining five minutes till class started i learnt about things i could have lived without knowing.

Malik and I don't really see eye to eye because i feel he's a racist but Mira can stand him. That moment Ethan walked into the class and I saw Mira blush but it turned to a frown when Tiff practically grinded her ass on him, he walked up to us and started up some random chat with Mira which meant they stared at each other while pretending to talk.

Eve was talking to Austin in the hall and I was left to my own thoughts which turned out to be quite interesting.

Next chapter is Mira's POV so watch outfor the next chappie !

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