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She raised her key card to the electronic lock and watch as the light blinked from red to green. Gripping the door handle she took a quick cautious look down the corridor to make sure the coast was clear.

As she stepped into the cold storage room and looked around at the different labeled storages, last minute doubt crept in but she pushed it aside, telling herself it would be worth it in the end. All the samples were arranged by race and donor information. At this point she didn't even care if the semen belonged to a black, white, Asian or Japanese man, all she knew was she had to quickly snatch one sample and store it in the tiny igloo she had carried along.

Her hands were shaking like crazy with nerves as she reached in and grabbed a tiny bottle. The glass slipped from her shaking fingers but she managed to catch it before it hit the tiled floor. With a sigh of relief she carefully placed it in the igloo filled with ice and headed for the door.

Before she could pull it open, voices coming from the other side had her stopping and looking around for a place to hide the igloo with the sample. Without thinking twice she placed it in a cupboard and slammed the door shut as the door swung open.

“Hey Sam, what are your doing in here?” asked one of the document specialist as she collected the sample list from the hook by the door.

“I uh, I came to, um.” she cleared her throat and mentally pulled myself together. “I came to store a sample, a donor just got done… you know.”

“Jacking off into a cup? Don't worry sweetheart you'll get used to it, although you should be by now. Didn't you intern with us when you were in college?”

She nodded. Her face growing red but still she stayed quiet and watched the woman head for the door.

“Coming?” she asked pausing by the door to look over her shoulder.

“Yes.” Samantha replied as she cast a look at the closed cupboard and bit her lip as nerves set in. She had to get the sample home and get in position before the semen liquefied. Still she obediently followed the woman down the corridor and excused herself for the restroom where she waited a few minutes before rushing back to get the igloo.

She raced out the back entrance like a bat out hell and got right into her car and hit the gas. She didn't look back as she pulled into the afternoon traffic. It usually takes her fifteen minutes to get from work to her apartment but today it took her ten.

She didn't hesitate, she was a woman on a mission, a crazy mission depending on how you look at it but nothing was about to change her mind. She raced to her bedroom where everything was set up, slipped on some gloves stripped off her scrub bottoms along with her panties. Once she was in position on the bed, hips raised and body relaxed. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and slowly inserted the syringe.

An hour later she was back in her car with her luggage in the trunk, heading out of town.

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