Chapter 10: Hand to Hand Combat

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Picture: Abrahan Rosso Kaden as Nick Bateman

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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Warrior Jamieno positioned himself. It was finally his turn to fight the Head Warrior. The fight for the title of the Head Warrior was still in 'Hand to Hand Combat' phase as in part 1. No one before him had won against the Head Warrior and he was beginning to doubt himself. The Head Warrior is a powerful man and winning agaisnt him is going to be hard which he knew very well.

"Now, it is time for the Head Warrior Daniel Matheu to combat against Warrior Gasper Jamieno." The Beta announced although AJ thought it was quite obvious. She gave him a stink eye. The man has been annoying her for some odd reason. The looks he kept on giving her puzzled her. He didn't look at her with lust, it wasn't hatred either. She found it hard to decipher and perhaps that was why he annoyed her. She was one step away from marching off to him and interrogating him with some torturous methods that will have him begging her for mercy. 

She wondered if he was part of the rebellion against this pack. Well, she wouldn't be surprised. He was shady as fuck. Not because of the looks he kept on giving her, no, it was because of the stupid face splitting grin he seemed to be sporting everywhere, even when there was no valid or logical reason for it.

No one is dying, the thought suddenly crossed her mind and she stiffened immediately. It wasn't her thought, no, it was her thought, well, more like an immature whine. She ignored it and continued looking at Jamieno fighting the Head Warrior. He was good but maybe a few more training sessions are in dire need, although, she knew that he was good enough to win today. She kept track of Jamieno's every competitor and though they were good, she felt like Jamieno was far better and made sure he knew all the moves to counteract the key moves she noticed his competitors use.

He could be better, she heard her say almost tauntingly. She knew she was insulting her ability to teach Jamieno and she didn't expect anything different. Bitch, she snapped in anger. No matter how many times they insulted each other, she still never got used to it. Says the four-legged animal herself, said the human side of their shared body in sick amusement.

AJ chose not to respond or react and calmly watched Jamieno being thrown across the field like a rag doll. She didn't react even when childish hysterical giggles of her other side echoed in her mind painfully or when people around her looked at her warily when Jamieno was thrown onto the floor again.

She narrowed her eyes at Jamieno's heaving form. As if feeling her stare he sat up and looked around and met her eyes, immediately his eyes fell to the floor knowing he disappointed her. The Head Warrior's son Damien Matheu and daughter Daniella Matheu booed at Jamieno and gave satisfied smirks in AJ's direction but other than them, no one said a single word as their conversations dulled and eventually stalled.

AJ's human side stirred slightly as murderous thoughts circled her head directing it all to the Matheu siblings. As much as AJ's human side insulted her, one thing she does not tolerate, in fact, despises, is someone else insulting her. Yes, she takes pride in being the only one to insult her and when someone threatens her role, whether as an Alpha or personal 'insulter', she eliminates that person immediately. 

And now, AJ feared that she would take back the control that she'd allowed her to have over their shared body after AJ begged her constantly for days just to see their mate. AJ knew that her human side was not fond of Abrahan but yet for her, she'd given him a chance. AJ knew that she only hated the idea of being mated to the Alpha of Tranquil Claw Pack, not to Abrahan specifically.

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