Chapter 9: Annual Pack Tournament

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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Alpha Kaden paced the length from his desk to the door of this study room. AJ sat at the chair in front of his desk while his Beta and Delta, both stood on either side of his empty chair behind his desk that he had just evacuated.

"I still do not understand why violence was necessary! You should have just given her a warning and left it at that. There was no need break her hand! I honestly have no words to really describe what you did to her hand." The Alpha exclaimed while AJ sat silently at her place.

Beta Castro tried to keep a straight face to prevent himself from laughing at the situation. Honestly speaking, what AJ did to that high and mighty Daniella's hand was epic. AJ watched the Beta's red face and shook her head mentally knowing that he was putting a lot of effort to not laugh. Stupid man, she thought, he will never change. And while he made the most out of what he thought was a hilarious situation, Delta Dermoss quietly watched the scene unfold with crossed arms and knew that this was going to be yet another reason that will lengthen the distance between his Alpha and his Luna.

"So you're not going to explain yourself?" The Alpha asked AJ looking at her with his forest green eyes. The anger present in them would have made any grown man shake in fear but AJ wasn't just anyone, no she was an Alpha herself and a little anger did not faze her much.

"You're asking me for an explanation?" AJ asked lazily and when her mate gave her the 'duh' look, she said, "Well I thought my actions this morning was self-explanatory." Her tone exuded confidence and authority. 

But the question that made all the men still in their places is 'Where is this authority coming from?'. They were no fools, they knew there was something different about her. Yes, she was the intended Luna of this pack and with that, she was given a certain amount of authority but surely not this amount! She walked around with no scent which she explained was for the sake of the children of the pack who would be disgusted if they smelt the pungent scent of a rogue as herself yet they knew there was more to it. But what

They have been watching her carefully for the past few weeks and have noticed her lack of eye contact with people, though she did make eye contact with the Beta who later explained to both the men about the forced submission he felt when he looked into her eyes. The Delta reported seeing odd reactions from other people he saw make eye contact with her but the Alpha dismissed all their suspicions when he informed them that he had made eye contact with her several times and not once did he feel what they were talking about. Also, all this could be related to her being their Luna and it is a natural instinct to submit to someone of a higher authority in the world of werewolves.

"So that's it? That's all you are going to say? You broke that girl's hand! No, you actually destroyed her hand! The pack doctor mind linked me just now. Daniella will never be able to use her hand! Right from her wrist to the tip of her fingers! All useless!" The Alpha growled heatedly. 

The other two men couldn't help but gasp in shock at the news. They knew what AJ had done to Daniella's hand was bad but not that bad! Only the Alpha had visited Daniella in the infirmary while the Beta and the Delta were informed by the Alpha to bring AJ up to his study room. They had both assumed that AJ had broken some bones in Daniella's hand but if the Alpha is saying that Daniella will never be able to use her hand anymore then how many bones did AJ break?

The Beta looked at AJ with wide eyes while AJ sat silently through it all. She looked around slowly but paused when she caught the Beta's eye and immediately moved her eyes to some place else not wanting him to get affected by her eye contact, though through one look at him, she saw him childishly widen his eyes a little, then a little further until his shock looked more comical instead of serious.

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