Chapter 1

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"Taking over"


"It is here by I, Aroldo Esposito accept the leadership of being your commander, leader and owner. All who shall fail to follow my orders will be, well, simply killed. You will obey me, for I am your mafiaking." I declared as I faced the men who were seated.

Pulling the knife out from the former leader's neck, I slowly wiped it on his shoulders. "Can someone please take his body and dispose it, my feet are getting tired of standing." I said gently as all stared in horror.

It's not everyday you see someone take the throne from beneath one's feet, but I did. It was mine in the first place but dear uncle that shipped me off to the orphanage at a young age took it. "It's good to be home." I remarked, staring at little Zuse, uncle's son.

He was younger than me by two year's but less manly. "I saved you the trouble of the family business, you're most welcome." He charges at me with anger but I took him down easily.

Gripping his neck tightly, "Now, is that how to greet your cousin Zuse? Remember me?" His eye's bulged out as he gasps for air.

"You enjoyed the life of luxury while I was beaten and starved to death. I just came to take what was rightfully mine, this was my father's throne but dear uncle decided he wanted it all to himself." I hissed, watching the color of his face change.

"I wish no harm on you dear cousin, the person that caused me harm is dead. Now, if you can ever be so kind in letting me know where uncle took my mother, then I'll spare your life. If not then it's simple, I------bring in the girl." I yelled.

Throwing him to the floor and watching how he crawled over to his pregnant wife was interesting. "You see how lovely she is, we wouldn't want anything happening to her or the child now do we?" I questioned as I gently caressed his wife's hair.

Bending down, I bored my eyes in to his, "I don't believe in love or family Zuse. I wouldn't think twice in getting a knife and stabbing your wife's belly." I said, touching her stomach. "My, how big. How far along are you?" Her cries were loud, "Shhhh, shh, sh. We don't want the baby to feel stress. Don't cry."

Pulling her up gently, "Tell Zeus to tell me where my mother is and I'll let you and the baby live. That, you have my word."

Nodding her head quickly, she kneels in front of her husband. I took the moment, pulling out a cigar, lighting it up. "Zuse, please tell him what he needs to know, please Zuse. I can't lose this child, I've already lost two. I can't bare to lose this child as well." She begged.

"I have your word, that you will not harm her or the child?" Zeus shouted.

"You have my word, now. If you'll kindly tell me where your father hid my mother, then your wife will be on her way back to her parents house. Safe and sound." I stated.

I motioned with the tilt of my head for Andrew to take the wife away. Walking over to where he laid on the floor, like a dog. I stared him down, "Mama better be well taken care of or I can guarantee you, that I will make you chop up your wife and unborn child with your bare hands."

His eyes held fear and that's what I needed to see from him. He tried to get but I only kicked him back down. "She's in the west wing of the house", he whispered. "But I must tell you, she...she is not well nor doesn't remember anything."

"What do you mean she doesn't remember?" I asked as I clenched my hand's.

"She seem to have lost her mind after what happen to you and your father. Locking herself in the room, father pitied the state she was in so he let her stay. You were suppose to be dead along with your father, that's what I was told, that's what everyone knew." He said as he stared into my eyes.

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