Chapter 1

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Austin's P.O.V

I had just moved to England after things got bad in my old home. It wasn't because I wanted to move. you see my dad had gotten a job offer here in England. Of course I was all up for it. I need to get away from him. He hurt me so bad.

"Austin are you up yet!" my mom yelled

"YES! Mom I am up!"

"Hurry down so you can eat before you to go to school"

"Ok mom!"

I hurried and put on my clothes. I was so nervous to start a new school. I wouldn't know anyone. I hope I can find some friends. I hope their isn't homophobes like my other school. The good part is that I came out a day before I left so I didn't get bullied. I start to head downstairs.

"Morning mom, dad, animals"

"Morning and be nice to them" said dad

"Yeah pipsqueak"

"Josh you have to be nice too"

"You guys are idiots!" Said my oldest brother Shane

"Would it hurt you guys to be nice to each other?" yelled my mom

"Hey where is Danny?"

"I'm right here" said my twin brother

"Hey Danny we need to go"

We grabbed a piece of fruit and left the house. We went walking. It was a long walk but we didn't mind. We always went walking to school and we didn't want to change that. It took a while but it was alright. When we got to school we went to the office to get our schedules. We had every class together except the last one. We headed to our first class and sat in the back. Our day went by like that. It was our last class and we headed our way to our last class.. I had to sit in the front since all the seats in the back where taken. I didn't meet anyone yet that has really caught my eye for friendship material.

The bell rang as the teacher walked in. I didn't look up and see who was the teacher.

"Well hello class my name is Mr. Mathew's. I am new here. I'm 21 years old. I know what you guys are thinking. I am young. That doesn't mean that you can treat me like a I'm not in charge. I can either be the good or bad guy." as he started saying this I looked up and saw the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on. He was looking at me the whole time. He was looking at me with such love and lust. At least I thought he was. Maybe I was just imagining it.

"How about we go around the room and you guys can introduce yourself to me and I can ask you a question. You can ask me a question if you have one for me."

This went on and soon it was me and two guys left. The guys left were in all my classes and were quit, but man were they sexy. One of them was always looking at my brother. I didn't think much of it though. Most of the girls asked all the questions I was curious about. Things like was he married, had a girlfriend, liked someone, and finally what was his sexuality. He answered every question except the last one. He had answered no for married, no for girlfriend, yes he liked someone, and he didn't answer his sexuality.

"Ok your up. Tell me your name and something about yourself" he said to the cute guy next to me.

'My name is Nathan. I like to draw and yeah"

'Wonderful now what would you like to be when you grow up'

'Um I would like to open a shop for drawing'

"Ok your next' he pointed to the guy on the other side of me

"My name is Joey, I'm new here and I like writing"

'That's great now my question for is what is your favorite thing to write about'

'I write about everything that I get an idea of."

"Ok now you' he pointed at me and looked at me the same way he was looking at me the last time he did

'I'm Austin, I'm also new and I also like to write' I said blushing just noticing that me and Joey have so much in common. Well from what I know so far. I turned to look at Joey and noticed he was smiling and looking at me. I turned back blushing, looking at Mr. Mathew's. He didn't look to happy. In fact he looked kinda angry. He soon noticed that I was looking at him and his face expression changed. He looked kinda mad, but he looked like.. I was impotant to him or I dont know maybe I was seeeing things. I got a messge from Danny saying that he was going somewhere with a guy he had met. I told him it was fine.

"Ahh so your on your phone? They are not allowed in my class. I guess I'm going to have to give you a warning. Next time you will have to stay for detention."

"I'm sorry I didn't know" right when I was done speaking the class ended. I got my things and started heading home. While I was walking the only thing I could think of was Mr. Mathew's.

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