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         Hello my fluffy kittens!

A lot of people seemed to enjoy my last story, Miracle, and requested a sequel. So here it is! I hope it reaches your expectations! Enjoy!

How about a recap?

For those who haven't read Miracle and don't feel like it, or for those who forgot what happened, this is what happened.

Hiro and Tadashi had drunk sex at a party, Hiro got PREGNANT and got in a relationship with his brother. Hiro had the baby via C section, a healthy baby girl named Julie. Later, he got pregnant again.

During Julie's birth, a mystery man came into contact with Hiro, and suspiciously walked away.

Now Hiro and Tadashi have a little girl named Julie and a little boy named Hidashi.

Welp! That's all you should know, I hope you enjoy!

Don't forget to comment and vote as you read, I'd appreciate your feedback, and try to reply ASAP!


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