Chapter 8: Bones and that...

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Jamie sat on a chair couple of feets away from her with his mate Jennia on his lap. They were both sharing a big packet of crisps that they had bought from the canteen a while ago. Mia sat on a chair at the same table talking quietly to Jennia about random things about the pack and its neighbours, no doubt trying to sneak in some information. Bruce was Goddess knows where doing Goddess knows what. The man was most of the time away from the group slowly becoming friendly with the boys his age to extract information that might be related to their recent mission.

"Yeh, well there are lots of female Alphas nowadays. You know we have 4 in South America but North America has 7! Although everyone likes to call the whole of America 'The United States of America', there is no doubt both are different. A couple of years ago, you could have said that but in the last few years, things have changed. Our side, the South America has a new king and he has made it blatantly clear that he does not like how North America functions. We don't have much choice really because he is our king and whether we like it or not, his feelings affect us all in South America." Jen said thoughtfully when Mia asked about her feelings regarding females ruling packs.

"What is wrong with North America?" Mia feigns ignorance as if what she is hearing is all new to her.

Jen looks at her in disbelief and shakes her head saying her next words in a hushed voice as if afraid to be caught, "How can you even say that?! North America's King Joseph may be a nice man but he trusts his High Alpha more than he should. High Alpha Marcus Benharad is not a man I would trust if I was king!" 

At her words, AJ freezes a little. High Alpha Marcus Benharad. Now that was a name she hadn't heard in a long time. So her suspicions were right. That man is not as warm as his brown eyes depict him to be. She feigns ignorance and does not say a word knowing Mia will ask the right questions to extract more information.

"What did the High Alpha do?" Mia asks curiously, genuinely wanting to know what that man could have done to gain Jennia's hatred seeing as the girl was so bubbly that Mia doubted she could even hurt a fly, much less hate a person as much as Jennia looks to be hating North America's High Alpha.

"Well..." Jennia starts looking around cautiously to see if anyone was paying attention to them. Whatever she was going to say seemed highly inappropriate to be uttered in the company of so many people. Everyone looked like they were busy in their own conversations but AJ had no doubt that some people were intentionally eavesdropping on their conversation.

Jennia was a quiet and a shy girl that was once the darling of the pack that never knew when to stop talking. After her mother's death, she slowly shrank into her newly formed shell of loneliness like a butterfly having a backwards life cycle. Now seeing her talk so much shocked many and even more shocking was the fact that she was mated to a rogue. Everyone thought she'd be mated to an Alpha or a Beta seeing that she has Alpha blood running through her veins.

Jennia looked at her mate who smiled at her encouragingly before feeding her a crisp. She grinned back at him then looked at Mia ready to answer her question.

Just as she opened her mouth to speak, loud stomping footsteps echoed in the canteen. The scent of rage wafted in the air making everyone's eyes shift towards the oncoming group of people, the person leading them was none other than the first born of Head Warrior Matheu.

Daniella Matheu. The renowned best female warrior of Tranquil Claw Pack.


Daniella Matheu stood in front of her father speechlessly. She couldn't believe it! That bitch, she thought venomously, her light blue eyes glaring daggers at the dirty floor of the pack gym.

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