Chapter 8: Bones and that...

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Picture: Abrahan Rosso Kaden as Nick Bateman

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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AJ sat eating breakfast in the pack dining room as she waited for the others to come down. It was 8 am on a Monday morning and she had to go to the pack university for her classes. She started attending them after 2 weeks of her arrival into this pack after she realized just how boring this pack truly is. 

For her, fun would be having daily competitions between pack members to see who is better or who needs help improving. In this pack, fun is going out to the movies with friends or messing with the rogues in the basement cellar on the back of the packhouse. Definitely not her kind of fun. Though another side of her 'begs' to differ as she most definitely loves the thought to torture anyone especially rogues.

It wasn't long before people started coming down to have breakfast and by then AJ was finished with hers. It was an unspoken fact that AJ had breakfast before anyone else in the pack and by the time they came down, she'd disappear somewhere in the woods. Nobody dared to follow her and nobody approached her, not even her mate. The Beta tried many times to start small conversations with her but she'd just stare at him until he got spooked out with her blatant stare, though surprisingly he has yet to give up and it wasn't a shock to anyone when he called out her name before she could leave.

"AJ!" The Beta called out just as she was about to leave through the door. 

AJ clenched her fists to stop herself from jumping on the Beta and beating him to a pulp. He always stopped her no matter what. He always had something to say. And she for some reason always stopped when she heard him call out to her.

The Beta soon stood in front of her, huffing and puffing with his hands on his knees in what looked like exhaustion though she couldn't believe his facade. The man might act like a little kid most of the times but he was a Beta. She was sure a little jog from the stairs to the main door wouldn't tire him that much. Nope, he was a certified prankster.

When she continued to blankly stare down at him, he looked up at her and slowly started grinning like a maniac making her give him a 'Wtf?' look. He stood straight, all signs of fake exhaustion vanishing like it was never there. When he just stood there not saying anything, she tapped her shoes on the floor impatiently with a raised brow.

He grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he said, ''Eh I actually forgot what I was going to say."

AJ blinked a couple of times looking up at him with what she was sure was a stupefied expression before she shook her head in disbelief. She walked around him and left him standing there at the door without a word.

Stupid man always had something to say and suddenly him forgetting what to say just didn't seem at all believable. In fact, it kind of shocked her seeing as he always gave everyone a headache with his daily pranks and blabbering mouth.


Chattering, laughter and whistles rang everywhere in the canteen. Girls and boys spoke to each other loudly without any hesitation. The place felt like an ideal location to get a headache to AJ as she sat there with her head flat on the table with her arms around her head.

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