Chapter 7: The REAL Alpha and The Luna

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Picture: AJ as Keira Knightley

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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AJ fumed silently staring at the 3 faces that looked down at the floor in fear. Oh, fear they should! Because she felt like literally bashing their faces on that very floor until their faces were so disfigured that their parents have a hard time recognisisng them.

Blood trickled down onto the floor from Delta Jamie Warren's nose and no matter how much he wanted to wipe it off, he couldn't, no he wouldn't even dare move a limb while his Alpha's gaze was drilling holes into his head. They were in her temporary room, a closed room, that was a frightening thought for her pack members.  

Her face showed no expression as she stood there with her arms crossed but all 3 of them knew that the anger brewing deep inside her was going to be harsh and brutal. This was the first time they had disobeyed a direct order from her and for that, they knew that they were going to suffer.

"Why?" She finally spoke.

When no one spoke Warrior Bruce Warren jabbed his brother in the ribs to speak because he was the one who said that they should listen to Beta Randy Reiner's orders. Both Bruce and Mia had known that the consequences of listening to the Beta's order over their Alpha's will cost them a lot more than they bargained for because their Alpha is not forgiving at all. It doesn't matter that they were her pack members, instead to her that is an even more of a concrete reason to punish them.

"Beta Randy said to..." She held a hand up in a dismissing wave halting the words of her Delta because she knew what he wanted to say. He didn't need to complete his sentence for her to know that her Beta had sent them out to look for her. It had been over a month since she had last contacted anyone from her pack and they must have gotten worried.

"The 3 of you will be punished. Punished for not listening to a direct command from me. But not here." She said sternly showing no sympathy, for their actions are intolerable. She can't have pack members defying her orders. She knew she'd need to be fair and for that, she'd have to punish her Beta too because he ordered them to do this despite knowing what her direct orders were. 

She walked towards the door and went to open it but before she did that, she looked back and said, "Jamie." He froze at the sound of his name from her mouth and he could only imagine what she was going to say. "Clean up a little. I don't think your soulmate is going to like seeing you so bloodied."

He looked up shocked wondering how she knew that he could smell his mate somewhere in this pack. He would have gone earlier to search for her but he didn't because he knew he had to handle this business with his Alpha or else she'd get really mad. And it's not like his mate knows that he's even here because right now he smelt like the rogue perfume he had put on before entering the lands of Tranquil Claw Pack. He opened his mouth to speak but she was already out of the door. He looked at his brother in confusion.

Bruce just shrugged and said, "She knows everything. Nothing can be hidden from her."

Jamie's brows creased at his answer but he let it go when he realised just how right his brother was. Nothing can be hidden from their Alpha. Hiding from her can be compared to hiding from God which is impossible in every way.

Bruce yawned and looked around. "Well, it looks like she lived a good life this past month while we camped out in the forest. We were worried for no reason." He said jumping onto the comfortable bed to sleep without noticing that his sudden action alarmed a silent Mia who was sitting on the corner of the bed. She shot him a glare to which he didn't even respond and opted to close his eyes.

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