Chapter 6: The 'Rogue' Pack

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Picture: Abrahan Rosso Kaden as Nick Bateman

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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"Come on! I don't have all day! Faster!" Jamieno heard AJ say in her normal voice, not even a little sign of tiredness was evident in her voice. To him, she didn't need to shout to get her point across, instead she can just say the word and he'll do anything to please her. Honestly, he didn't understand this bizarre need to please her. It was almost like she had him on some kind of a command that made him do whatever she wanted him to do.

He panted as he ran faster than he had ever before. His training had started a week ago and so far he had completed 90 hours of intense and sweat-dripping training. He really wasn't sure how he was surviving doing continuous 13-hour training a day with only 5 minutes break in between every 2 hours. To say AJ was a strict trainer would be an understatement.

He would have thrown a tantrum or two if AJ hadn't joined him during every exercise although she took no break. Amazing was what she was. He had never seen anyone take their training so seriously before. Their training area was the same place that he had met his Alpha and the other 2 superiors about 2 weeks ago. When AJ had introduced him to this place as their training area, he realised that she must have overheard the Alpha's plan here so he couldn't help but look at her sheepishly when she gave him a knowing look.

Jamieno collapsed on the grassy floor and laid there in the shape of a star as he tried to control his breathing. He couldn't do it anymore! He was so tired that it wasn't even a joke.

AJ stopped jogging and turned back to look at the half boy, half man that she had taken under her wing. He was doing better than she had thought, not that she would tell him that, instead she kept on insulting him at every turn and quite rudely told him many times how 'bad' he was doing. Her tactic seemed to work as he worked harder to prove himself to her that he was better than what she thought. Yes, she used his male ego against him.

She walked to him and kicked him on the side while he curled up grunting in pain. "You still have 25 minutes of training left for today. Get up!" She said in her strict, harsh tone that she exclusively saved for people that thought they could get away with something as important as training especially when she was around.

In return, she received a chilling glare from the exhausted Jamieno, but she took no heed to it and instead kicked him again. He groaned lowly in pain and got up.

"Why do I have to be faster? I already beat the records of everyone in the pack!" He said. It was true. In just a week, he had beaten every record in the pack, surprisingly even the Alphas. AJ's training was so effective that he knew that if he continued training the way he is then in another week, he'll be twice as fast he is now and maybe then he'll also beat AJ's record which was slightly higher than his.

AJ stared at him calmly without a word. He looked down baring his neck when he couldn't stare at her eyes longer than a second. He still wondered what that was all about but no matter how many times he begged her to tell him, she'd say "Guess."

She took off the stopwatch around her neck and handed it to him while he eyed her actions in confusion. "Put it on when I start running." She said and left a bewildered Jamieno wondering what she wanted to prove. He already saw her running, so what was going to be different about this time?

"1, 2...3!" Jamieno called out and looked down to put on the stopwatch on as soon as he said the number '3'. He looked up to see something he was sure he had never seen before.

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