Chapter 10

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Dan stays in the same place all night, waiting for Phil to return back from the operation. The floor is constantly got tear drops on where Dan cries, scared Phil won't come back alive.

Dan's POV
My cheeks are stained from the tears. My eyes sore, i don't dare sleep as I don't want to wake and Phil no to be here, so I stayed awake all night. Tears still drip down my cheeks and onto the floor around me. My head jolts up as I hear movement from outside the room. My eyes widen as the door swings open and the hospital bed comes in. I quickly stumble to my feet as I see it's Phil on the bed being pushed in by the nurses. I see him with an oxygen mask on and my heart stops for a moment

"Don't worry Mr Howell he's alive and well," a brunette nurse says with a smile as both the nurses leave. I lean over the bed and look at him. A smile creeps on my face as I see him breathing.

"You made it like you said you would," I whisper to him softly even tho I know he probably can't hear me at the moment in time. "I'm glad you made it. I wouldn't be able to survive without you, Phil. I'll be all alone and I wouldn't be able to handle that." I move stray piece of hair from his head to fix his fringe and lightly place a kiss upon his forehead. I pull up a chair and sit next to him. I take his hand and interlock our fingers. I sit there in complete silence when I notice Phil's eyes flicker open. Quickly, I push the chair back and raise to my feet.

"D-Dan...?" Phil's words are really soft and weak.

"It's me. I'm here Phil. I'm here for you," I spit out still holding his hand. My heart is pounding against my chest. " You made it like you said you would," I repeat what I said before.  "I'm glad you made it. I wouldn't be able to survive without you, Phil. I'll be all alone and I wouldn't be able to handle that." I carry on repeating myself to make sure he heard.

"You do realize I could still hear you when I was asleep," his voice is very soft and still very weak, " and i told you I would," a smile creeps upon his face which makes mine widen.

We sit and talk for a while before the doctor that told us about the operation enters the room. He has a wide smile on his face which I'm hoping is a good sign. I turn my head and out of the corner of my eye I see Phil's head turn too, which is a good sigh meaning the operation was successful. "Mr Howell, Mr Lester, the operation was a success and Mr Lester isn't paralyzed which is good-" I but into him.

"Have you come to tell us the obvious?" I question with a roll of my eyes.

"Dan" I hear Phil whisper to me from the side of me.

" Well, Mr Howell I have come to say that I can discharge you both from the hospital and you both may go back to you home." As the Doctor talks I can hear the annoyance I have given him in his voice which makes me smile when he hands us the discharged slip. "Just, take it easy Mr Lester you will be bit weak for the first few days," The doctor nods our way and exits the room.

I turn to Phil who is already swinging his legs out of the bed. I can see him wince in pain as he does so. He's still in pain. "Do you need a hand?" I ask standing up to help steady him. I  see him nod slightly and I smile more. I help him towards the door. We both smile at all the nurses that go past and they return the smile.

"I can't believe we are going home," Phil says over his shoulder once we are in the elevator to go down to the exits of the hospital.

"Yes I'm happy I'm going home with you," I smile at him and place a light kiss upon his head. We walk over to the taxi bay and hop into one. I say out addresses and the taxi lady smiles. She has grey suggesting that she's in her late 60s maybe. She has a soft smile on her face in the wind mirror. As we come to a halt outside our apartment I am first to get out. I rush over to get the side of Phil and smile.

"How much?" I ask the taxi driver she smiles back at me.

"£4.50 sweet," her voice is gentle and I smile as I hand her the change. "Be safe now," she says before waving and driving off.

I help Phil up the stairs up into the apartment as I help him into his room. A smile has not left my face once.

Phil's POV
I'm still in pain after the operation just not as much as I can now move and stand. As Dan helps me into my room I see him turn to exit. I grab hold of his sleeve quickly. "Dan?" I say stopping him in his tracks. He turns to face me.

"Yeah?" His voice is soft as he speaks and it makes me smile.

"Will you please stay with me, for the night, please?" I ask looking up as innocent as I possibly can the smile upon his face just widens.

"Of course Phil, any thing for you as I know your alive and I want to make sure your all well," is respond is so sweet to my ears a large smile appears on my face. I move over on the bed and Dan joins me bright eyed.

"I've glad you here. I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad I took that risk," I say to him. My voice is like a whisper but loud. I make it soft and innocent as Dan strokes the top of my head making my eyes heavy with sleep.

"Me too Phil. Just remember that I love you okay? No matter what you do. I'm always here for. Never forget that my Philion, got that?" As he speaks it makes my heart proud. I knew he meant those words  and I love him for that.

"I won't Danosaur. I won't," my words get interrupted by a yawn and Dan places a light kiss upon my forehead. Sleep finally takes over my eyes just as I hear Dan speak.

"Good night Phil. Sleep tight," the words of an angel to fall asleep to...

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