Chapter 14- Holiday

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Joe's POV
"Yes, Olivia is gonna be out of school for two weeks. We're going on a family holiday...
I don't care if I didn't check with you first, your not her parents. You don't
make the decision to take her out of school....
Well I'm sorry, but it's not gonna effect her education. Like you're saying...
Thank you, goodbye." I hung the phone up.

"I've just finished packing our suitcases, is Livy's school sorted?" Ellie asked
"Yeah, I think so. I would have come and helped pack. Are the kids up?" I asked
"Lexi and Mason are sat on our bed watching Tv." She replied
"Okay, I think jack and your sister Emily are on the same flight to America. I've booked the 4:30 flight from Heathrow." I said
"Okay, did you book us on the same one as my mum, dad, Emma, Addie and my brother Ethan?" She asked back
"Yeah, it's all sorted. We'll surprise them at the airport. They do know your still with the living, Right?" I chuckled.
"Yeah, the doctors phoned them after 2 weeks. They didn't want to tell you because of the kids." She said
"Okay, let's get the kids up and dressed." We ran up the stairs, Ellie went to wake up Freddie and Olivia while I got Mason dressed into black jeans, a white top saying "suggy" in black across it, a grey hoodie and black leather jacket paired with black converse. I got Lexi changed into a blue denim dress with white long sleeved vest underneath with a little pink hair bow and pink converse.
Olivia came running into the room her hair in two French plats wearing her blue and white flowery top with her dungaree dress over the top, paired with a leather jacket and white converse.
Freddie wore blue jeans, white teeshirt with leather jacket and black converse. I took all the kids downstairs, I placed Lexi in her bouncer and Olivia, Freddie and Mason in the couch watching Mickey Mouse.
I went back upstairs to our room and got dressed into a grey teeshirt with blue jeans ,white converse and a leather jacket.
Elle walked back into the room her hair straight wearing a grey crop top with black jeans, white converse and a leather jacket.
We grabbed the suitcases from our room and carried them out to the car.

"Right, kids. How would you feel about going on holiday with Grandma and grandad, Auntie Emma and Adeline, Uncle Ethan, Uncle Jack and Auntie Emily."
"Yay!" Olivia shouted, she started dancing around the from room. Mason and Freddie copied, Lexi sat laughing at them all.
"Lets go!" Ellie said. Olivia, Freddie and Mason all ran to the door. I grabbed Lexi out her bouncer and took her out to the car where the others were all strapped in and ready to go.

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